Benchmade Griptilian.

One of the very best knife manufacturers in the USA, and in the world, would be Benchmade. The Benchmade company has over 20 solid and successful years of producing excellent knives, and the never stop impressing both their customers, and their honest competition. With a true passion for the art of knife production, there is never any compromise in materials, or manufacturing specifications. With a factory hell bent on quality and integrity of product, Benchmade works each day in an effort to be second to none. Those in the know are quite aware of Benchmades’s seemingly never ending level of investment in state of the art technology to make sure their factory is rightly equipped for the tasks at hand.
In regards to creativity and innovation, the ultra unique AXIS Lock mechanism has resulted in heaps of praise for Benchmade from other greats within the industry, and has given the Benchmade 710 legendary status among lovers of knives. Quality control is never an issue at Benchmande; as their pride and integrity are on the line with every knife they produce.
It is true that Benchmade is world famous for it’s tactical knives, and survival blades, however this post with be devoted namely to the Griptilian line by Benchmade. It has been a true success and has had rave reviews in the area of everyday pocket knives sector of the blade industry. Proving that they can create a knife for just about anyone, Benchmade seems to have out done itself with the Griptilian line of knives, and we are very excited to talk about those knives today.
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The  Amazing and ever impressive Benchmade Griptilian is with good reason one of Benchmade’s most successful folding knives. In fact it may just be, Benchmade most popular folding knife evef. Both international and American knife experts cannot seem to heap enough praise on Benchmade for this excellent creation. The Griptilian is one of the best folding knives you will ever own or have the privilege of handling. It is an amazingly versatile tool that can be easily carried with you on daily basis, and yet it is more than strong enough to deal with heavy needs.
The awesome stainless steel blade is synonymous with what we are accustomed to with any Benchmade product. The quality blade is sharpened on both sides, and come razor sharp to the consumer upon delivery. The 154CM blade has a rating out of the box of 58-61HRC at the hardness scale,and so one would expect this blade to hold an edge for quite some time.
If you love knives, if you needs knives, you must go online or to a retailer, and checkout this knife. It is without a doubt one of the best pocket knives ever built.







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