Chris Reeve Sabenza 21.

South Africa is without a doubt, a great place for quality blades. Chris Reeve Knives was started up back in calendar year 1984 on new years day. Durban South Africa was the location and the original offices were located in a simple garage. Today the company is all about full time knife making, and with Mr. Reeve having a very strong background in tool and die, as well as an unending passion for quality blades, the Chris Reeve brand is quite formidable. The company is a soundly equipped manufacturer of truly excellent knives.

As the story goes, the ride has not always been a comfortable one. The Reeve family had to sacrifice plenty. Without nearly enough money to properly fund the company, and with the need to relocate from South Africa to the United states, only by putting everything they had into the company, would the operation survive. Back in calendar year 1989,The company and the family moved to Boise Idaho, United States. It almost sounds like a story from 1889, as so many of us Americans are descendants of people coming to the USA from another land in an effort to succeed. According to the Reeve family, the move was mission critical.

Chris Reeve has always wanted to be the best at what he does. By being inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame at calendar year 2015, it would seem that his goals have been at least in part fulfilled. Chris Reeve Knives makes every effort to design it’s products with purpose, intended use, and quality of materials in mind. The company now has an international reputation for quality, integrity personnel and of product, and great customer service.

Chris Reeve Sebenza 25

Chris Reeve knives seems to have out done itself this time. The measuring stick of what a knife is and what a knife should be, has most certainly been set very, very high indeed. The Sabenza 21 Computer Generated Graphic Knife is a top tier knife in every way imaginable. The knife comes with a fully finished titanium handle and a stainless steel blade that features a polished thumb lug. The pocket clip as well as the frame lock are also blast finished to perfection. This small but excellent version of the Sabenza does not disappoint the consumer, and comes in several styles available to choose from. The consumer can also request from several different customizing options as well.

Go online and check it out. Nothing i say can do it proper justice. Check out the entire line of Chris Reeve products. When it comes to an everyday every need pocket knife, the Sabenza 21 is clearly one of the best in the world. Look into it further online, it will not be a waste of time.











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