Kershaw Leek Folding.

If your knife was borrowed by some one you care about, and trust, but was never returned to you, chances are it was a Kershaw. The product has a reputation for lasting it’s customers a lifetime or longer. With tactical knives, survival knives, work knives, and pocket knives, Kershaw products make everything easier, and all things possible when it comes to quality blades. Whether you are at the job, hunting, camping, fishing, what have you, a Kershaw blade is a boon companion.

Kershaw opened it’s doors back in calendar year 1974. The concept was to fabricate tools that knife owners would be enthusiastic about putting to use and happy to carry around. It makes no difference what the task may be, the knives are made of the highest quality materials, and fabricated to measure up to the highest levels of craftsmanship known to the industry. It really is about giving the customer a lifetime of satisfaction and performance.

Kershaw has an international reputation for innovation as it relates to product creation as well as developing new technologies to fabricate such products. Advancements made in the areas of materials selection, as well as ingenious ideas, such as the Speed Safe system, makes Kershaw a leader in the art of advancing the industry itself. Kershaw is a company that can be counted on for great products as well as a never ending commitment to pushing the envelope of true innovation and creativity.


Kershaw Leek

The Kershaw Leek is an amazing blade. Why has there been so much buzz about this knife? Well the size of the knife is very comfortable. The knife has a three inch blade that sits inside a full closed length of four inches. Also the knife only has an overall weight of a tight three ounces. If this knife were pictured in a dictionary as the perfect pocket knife, that would not be the least bit invalid. The knife is so comfortable, one might easily forget that it is inside one’s pocket. The knife is quite easy to sharpen, and is made of the Swedish 14C28N stainless steel. Sweden is legendary for it’s deposits of ore, and it’s magnificent steel production.

The handle is made of a durable and reliable 410 stainless steel that has been bead blast finished. This knife can be found online for under fifty dollars, and that really is an awesome price fof such a high quality item.

What we have here is an amazing price to quality ratio in this product. An excellent knife for the cost, and the knife is available as several online websites as well as big name retailers. At under fifty dollars for a 100% made in the USA product, it is very much worth your time to take a good hard look at it.







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