Hogue EX-04

Now here is a name you do not hear every day, but you should. Hogue is a company well known in the firearms industry. This smart brand was launched by a Police Officer named Guy Hogue, back in 1968. Mostly the company has focused on firearm accessories such as stocks, grips, holsters, and the like. Eventually they decided to include knives in their production arsenal, and they have done a fine job of it. Most gun related companies that get into the knife business, seem to be cashing in on their name, and out sourcing the important work. Not with Hogue. They have decided to take on the tasks at hand, and it really shows. Does MADE IN THE USA MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU? Yeah, these knives are American all the way.

Hogue EX-04

The over all length of this knife is 9 inches, when the knife is closed, it comes in at 5.125 inches, and the blade itself is 4 inches long. The weight of this knife is 5.7 ounces. This blade on this knife has a very modern shape to it. Curved and ground in a way you do not see every day. It has a compound grind, and that is quite unique. The hollow combines with flat grind is unusual, but the truth is it goes right through what ever you cut because it has less friction that a more common grind. This is one of the sharpest knives you will ever encounter. Yes the complexity of it’s grind will baffle many, but it works.

Regarding the handle, this is fine and normal. G10 layers for comfort, grip, slip resistance, and rugged reliability. Fits into any hand with a natural feel, and i am quite confident all will be in favor of this handle, even if the modern blade is hard to accept. Then there is the awesome button lock. All folding knives made by Hogue have a button lock. They did it right for sure, and all pocket knife lovers should be satisfied by it.


To sun it up, this is an awesome pocket knife, but the blade design, especially the complex grind, may turn off conservative blade lovers. I say try this knife if you can, and keep an open mind. Blade metals are changing, but that might be alright in the end. Coming from an American company, we should give them an A for effort. Check out a few more reviews, and welcome to the new world of blades.

Product retails for around $220.



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