Benchmade 484 Nakamura Axis.

Benchmade 484 Nakamura Axis Review

Benchmade 484 is an exciting and fun knife to use and to look at. The company made a good judgment in choosing the M390 steel and giving the G10 handles with a contoured appearance. With the 484, Benchmade is successful in creating state-of-the-art and premium equipment. The G10 material used on the handle of the 484 is a fiberglass laminate, and it is commonly used in the handle of the premium knives in the market today. It is not only a durable piece, but it also provides a better grip in different conditions. Combining it with the M390 steel provides its amazing functionality that makes it a suitable knife for different functions.

Analyzing the Features of Benchmade 484

When we see a knife that has contoured grooves, we always see this as a gamble since it forces the finger of the user to fit in the predetermined contours. In terms of the small knives like the Benchmade 484, the grooves are spot on, but those with a larger hand will find the grooves awkward. Performance of the knife is impeccable. The sharpness of the M390 blade provides a precision cutting, chopping and slicing property.

A knife that utilizes an Elmax or M390 is on the upscale market. However, this type of blade is a good form of investment. Compared to other materials, the blade will stay sharp regardless if you are not sharpening it with your honing oil or sharpening stone. We try slicing a cardboard shipping box with the Benchmade 484 and then try it with a thin paper, and it was able to cut through the paper silky smooth. It cuts like a razor and with an added amount of pressure; you will be able to seamlessly use it on 3-5 mm thick cordage.

In terms of durability, we all know that the knife comes from Benchmade are commonly made durable and strong. This particular Benchmade 484 is made to last a lifetime. The value, even if it is a bit expensive is still reasonable. The blade highlights a combination of vanadium and chromium that makes them highly resistant against corrosion. It will also take years before you notice that there is a slight change on their sharpness.

When analyzing the locking mechanism of the Benchmade 484, the important factor that we consider is that it does not disengage when we are utilizing the knife. The button does not impede in the function of the knife, and it also does not feel uncomfortable in your hand. It will not disengage unless it is intentionally done.

All in all, the likes of the Benchmade 484 can be considered as a rare type of blade that anyone should include in their knife collection. Most of the manufacturers put an emphasis on their blade, but not a lot of them take care of the miniscule details the way Benchmade 484 has. We highly recommend this to our readers and don’t let the premium price discourage you when buying it. Believe me, it is definitely worth it.

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