Boker 110621 Merlin Folding Knife.

Boker 110621 Merlin Folding Knife with 2 7/8

Are you a tech savvy person, a user of knives or a knife collector who loves having some with them? You should add the Boker 110621 Merlin 27/8 to your collection. It’s a beautiful knife with a satin finish and an overall length of 6 inches. It has a fascinating design that includes stainless steel handle with a rosewood inset and an inch ladder pattern on the blade. It is one of the most amazing foldable knives you can find in the market today.

Highly Polished Handles

Everyone wants a knife with a beautiful finish, and there is no issue with this when it comes to the Boker 110621 Merlin Folding Knife with 2 7/8. Its handles have Grenadill wood inserts and are made of stainless steel material that makes it more comfortable to hold.

Small in size

When you are looking for a small knife that holds an edge, this is the perfect choice. It has a pocket clip, thus it will fit perfectly in your pocket without leaving holes. Its small size is a feature that is complemented by its weight which is 2.9oz making it quite portable. You can carry it wherever you go without portability issues.

Well Designed Blade

With a drop point blade style, it’s a beauty to behold for knife enthusiasts. A good knife must have a perfectly designed blade. This knife that is made in Germany has an appealing is made of premium steel and completed with a satin finish to give it the appearance. The N690 blade steel measures 17/8 inches, which is a great size for a pocket knife.

Secure lock, Who wouldn’t like a convenient blade lock for their pocket knife? Having a knife without a proper locking mechanism can lead to disaster such as bodily cuts and damages to the pockets. The interlock of the Boker 110621 Merlin 27/8 is convenient and securely locks the blade. You do not have to worry about sitting on your knife or your clothes getting damaged when it is in the pocket. What makes the patented interlocking system better is how effective it is to disengage the blade.

Great Length Whether Closed or Open

Despite having a pocket clip for easy carriage, blade and overall length are important features of any knife. This N690 blade steel knife offers the right length whether it is open or closed. Its total length is 67/8 inches but when it is closed, it has a total length of 4.0 inches.

Are you looking for a lightweight knife that has a convenient locking mechanism? The Boker 110621 Merlin 27/8 offers an amazing patented interlock system. The features of this particular knife are what have made it a popular knife especially with men. Besides the well designing of the knife, its weight and overall length of 6 inches has made it popular to knife enthusiasts. It is also easy to carry with its pocket clip.

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