SOG Arcitech A03-P.

SOG Arcitech A03-P Review

SOG is one of the most popular knife brands in the world. They are known for creating some of the best and longest lasting knives in the world. Their knives have used around the world for thousands of different tasks.

The SOG Arcitech A03-P is the part of the SOG’s Platinum line and is both a working and collectible knife. The blade on the A03-P is made from San Mai VG10, nickel and stainless steel. The blade is polished to a mirror finish and is razor sharp. The blade is 3.5 inches long with a straight edge.

The handle is designed to be easy to grip. The knife is very easy to open because it contains the Arc-Lock. This lock makes the A03-P great for both right and lefthanded users since the lock is ambidextrous.

The A03-P is 8 inches long when open, and is meant to have the blade balanced by the handle. The handle has a belt clip that can also be used as a money clip. The weight of 4.5oz does make the A03-P on the heavier side for a daytoday knife.

Pros and Cons

Like any other knife on the market today, there are pros and cons of the Arcitech A03-P


The Arcitech A03-P comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any defects that are in the materials or the workmanship. You just need to send your knife to SOG, and they will repair your knife or send you a new one, depending on what happen.

It can be a collectible or a usable knife. The SOG knives are designed to both be collectors

knives or knives that can be used for daily tasks. The design reflects this with the curving of the blade and the matte black handle.

The A03-P is easy to carry with its belt clip. You can also easily slip the knife into your pocket if you are worried about losing your knife.


It is possible to cut yourself with the blade when the knife is closed. This seems to be caused due to the blade being too long for the casing.

The other con is the price tag. There are other knives on the market that offer similar features and work just as well as the SOG Arcitech A03-P. However, SOG is known for making highquality knives that last a long time. So, the price may not be a con, especially if you are looking for a knife that is going to last a lifetime.

The A03-P comes in at 4.5oz. This can be a little heavy to clip to your belt or pants, depending on the material that the pants are made from.


The AO3-P is another great option from SOG. The design makes it easy to carry and use, but the weight is a little heavy to keep the knife on you at all times. However, the extremely sharp blade and the handles ergonomic design make up for the extra weight of the knife.

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