Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77”.

Spyderco BrendPirela 3.77

The Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77” Mamba knife is a tactical fighting knife that’s the result of collaboration between knife designer Joel Pirela and Walter Brend. The first thing you notice about the knife is its captivating style, and you might fall in love with it at first sight.

One thing that you will notice about the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77” is that it is aesthetically beautiful. It is something that should be displayed in a museum and not for cutting. The handle and the blade are well-crafted that there is nothing to hate about when you first look at it.

Blade of the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77”

The blade has a curvy design. Its flipper not only serves as a guard but adds more flair to the blade design as well. It has a burnished black coating that was applied evenly on the blade’s surface. It makes the blade more interesting, as you try to inspect the blade at all angles.

The only downside to the blade is its dull heel, which is due to the deep plunge grinds used in shaping the blade. The deep plunge grinds made the hollow grinds to not immediately meet to form an edge at the blade’s heel. And because of that design flaw, there’s around a centimetre of unsharpened blade.

The good news is that the knife comes very sharp straight out of the box. If you are not careful, you will hurt your fingers when you close the blade. Just like any sharp tool, you should handle the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77 with care.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism of the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77is very smooth. The liners are thick it seems like an integral lock instead of a linerlock.The ball detent of the lock is stiff, but once you have moved past it, the blade will open fast. It is one of the fastest opening knives on the market


The lock of the knife is big, and the lock-up mechanism is solid. When the knife is locked, there’s no play of the blade in any direction. While the ball detent might be too strong for some users, it can be seen as a positive factor when you consider the mass and size of the blade.

Handle of the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77

The handle of the Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77 was designed by Joel Pirela, and one word to describe it is beautiful. However, once you handled it, you will change your mind and said that it is perfect.

The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, especially for edge-out grips. It fits the hand just like a glove. However, if you are going to use it with an edge-in grip, you might not like it. It is hard to control when you are gripping it with the edge in.

The Spyderco Brend-Pirela 3.77 is a good tactical fighting knife. There’s nothing wrong with it in any way. And with its tip up carry pocket clip, you might forget that you are carrying it in your pocket.

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