Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon.

A Comprehensive Review of the Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon

Over the last few years, Spyderco has managed to entice our interest with some of the premium folding and high-end knives in the market. Some of their blades such as the Burch Chubby, Firefly, K2 and the Slysz Bowie are being sold in the market at a range of $200. The Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon is one of the most radical pieces of item designed by the company that amounts to $300 which makes it one of the finest items. It is basically a result from the collaboration of the company with Peter Carey. It is hand-crafted meticulously, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after knives of the collectors all over the world.

Analysis of the Features of Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon

The Spyderco C187CFP has a complete length of 7.48 inches, and the blade has an approximately 3.03 inches length. It weighs at about 4.2 oz which makes it very compact and ultra lightweight for everyday use. The shape of the blade is a rendition of the custom designed blade of Peter which is a bulging S30V. You may notice that the overall shape of the blade is quite curvy. It also highlights the thumb-hole feature of every Spyderco blade. The swedge and the primary bevel are both belt finished. It also has a stunning touch of satin flats which makes some of the details profound. This is something that you do not normally see on other products.

Performance and edge retention of the Spyderco C187CFP is also commendable just like the other products of the company. The edge of the blade is intense, and the grind is slanted. The design makes it very convenient to use when slicing. It also comes with a recurve which greatly improves the cutting performance of the place; however, this is also the same feature that gives you some issues when sharpening the edge.

Handle of the Spyderco C187CFP is also incredible. It is made from carbon-fiber; one touch on the carbon-fiber and you will know the quality and the level of craftsmanship implemented in order to achieve this kind of finish. You will not see any void or pin holes and the carbon fiber’s weaving is done perfectly. This is a great deviation from the other products of Spyderco wherein

they tend to skimp on the carbon fiber such as the Domino and the Sage. Fortunately, they were able to correct their bad habit with this one.

While the pivot collar has been done for aesthetic purpose only, they make sure that is beautifully done to integrate it seamlessly and beautifully on the product. If you want a blade with profound and amazing details, the Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon will surely amaze you.

This piece of blade is very efficient and convenient knife to use, the handle is not only for decorative purposes, they gave you an adequate space to hold the blade tightly. Most of you will probably ask if you can get your money’s worth with this product; while $325 is indeed expensive, you will definitely notice the huge difference of the Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon compared to the other products in terms of quality, functionality, and design.

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