Spyderco Southard Folder G-10.

Spyderco Southard Folder G-10

Are you looking for a nice and foldable knife to carry around with you? It could be for your convenience or security but the bottom line is you need a portable knife. You can never go wrong with the Spyderco South hard Folder G-10. It easily fits in a pocket due to its short handle and its width when it is closed. These are some of the reasons that have made it quite popular since its introduction.

How is the Quality of the Knife?

The steel of the knife is for high quality that is the reason it is considered durable. The hollow-ground blade is made of CTS 204P which is a high-quality steel. You will definitely need quality when purchasing your foldable knife and this is what you will get with this particular one. The steel will rarely get chipped or scratched which you do not need.

Choices in Deployment

It could be you love slow or fast deployment when it comes to your foldable knives. The situation you are in may also determine the deployment method, and the advantage of having this particular knife is that it gives you both options. You can either flip the flipper if you need fast deployment of the blade or the 0.43-inch spydie hole for a slower deployment. With the flipper opening device, it is easy to operate depending on how you want it.

The Lock of the Blade is Solid Open with Reeve Integral Lock Mechanism

The foundation of the Spyderco South hard Folder G-10’s Reeve Integral Lock mechanism is formed by titanium which is also used in the back of the handle. This plays a great role in the blade locking solidly open.

Great Stonewashed Titanium Finish

Its great finish makes it more comfortable in your hands and cannot be compared to other foldable knives. This is one of the features that have appealed to most of the buyers. The degree of which the handle is curved, the G-10 fame lock over travel stop and its lanyard loop all offer an amazing finish.

You are Assured of Durability

Materials that have been used in manufacturing Spyderco South hard Folder G-10 are of the highest quality. Its durability and quality has been tested with an assurance of the best. The quality is worth adding into your cutlery.

If your work involves cutting boxes or strings or you need a knife at anytime of the day, this Spyderco South hard Folder G-10 will come in handy. It offers a great cutting performance; it fits in the pocket perfectly, it’s made of great materials that are comfortable to the touch, its light for the pocket due to the titanium finish and has a great design. If you are a knife enthusiast, this one will be of great use to a point that it exceeds expectations. You can either put it in your pocket or use the pocket clip on side of the handle.

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