Zero Tolerance 0456 Sinkevich.

Zero Tolerance 0456 Sinkevich Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0456 Sinkevich knife is the ultimate EDC knife that anyone would love to have in their collection. Everything about the knife is well thought of and executed to perfection such that you have a perfect knife your everyday activities outdoors and even indoors. The design and built make it the ultimate show stopper as it is a true beauty. However, this is not the only great thing about the knife, it is also very handy, and the blade quality is like nothing you have every experienced in a knife such as this. With this knife, you may just be tempted to get rid of all your other EDC knives since it covers all the areas of a good quality knife.

Features of the Zero Tolerance 0456 Sinkevich

Quality Blade

It has a CTS 204p blade which is extremely hard and the best quality blade that you will ever see in an EDC knife. This ensures that the knife is razor sharp right from when you get it, and it does not lose its sharpness easily. It is about eight centimeters long which makes it pretty small but very handy; there is nothing that this blade cannot handle. Due to its high quality, you are assured that rusting and scratching will not be something you will be seeing anytime soon.

Titanium Handle

You must have an idea of how strong and durable titanium is, so be assured that the handle will be the best thing you will ever hold in terms of a knife handle. It is at the very top of its class as far as handles go since it is durable and gives you a good strong grip such that the knife cannot slide out of your hand at any one time.

KVT Ball Bearing Opening System

This makes opening and shutting the knife super easy and lightning fast. You get absolutely zero

hold ups when opening the knife so you can be sure that using it is an absolute breeze. It also has a blue pivot which is not only great to look at but also offers great support to the knife.


It is easy to carry around in your pocket r hang it using the clip from your pants. It is said to be a bit hefty considering the strong, metals that it is made from, but you get used to it in a while.


It is easy to carry around since it is only 11 centimeters long when closed.

The blade is extremely sharp and strong so it can handle any task you have for it.

It has a great design not only for sheer looks but also performance

Easy and fast deployment with no delays whatsoever.

This is a perfect knife for anyone whether you are a pro with them or not. It is strong and has a nice finish which is everything one would want in an EDC knife. The only disadvantage here is that due to its perfect looks, you may not want to beat it up too much and you would rather not use it as much, which is not such a bad thing. However, it is made for serious work so be sure that it can handle it.

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