Emerson Sheep Dog.

Emerson Sheep Dog Review

The Emerson Sheep Dog is a tactical knife that is made in the USA. It has a blade that is 3.5 inches long. The weight of the Emerson Sheep Dog is 5.60z, which is standard for this size and style of knife.

Emerson is known for creating knives that are designed with function as their main focus. The Sheep Dog is no different. The wave opening and handle make the Sheep Dog a hand friendly knife, which can be used for heavy work. This knife can also be used for self-defense if you really needed to use a knife.


The blade of the Sheep Dog is made from 154CM, like most other Emerson knives. However, you can also get models that have S35VN. Both metals hold a working edge for a long time, and you can easily sharpen the knife yourself.

You will need to be careful when using the Sheep Dog because the blade is super sharp. The Bowie tip makes it easy to stab a finger, especially if you are not paying attention. The blade is a single side edge, which can be a con. However, it does make it easier to sharpen in the field.


Emerson is known for having knives that are comfortable to hold. There are multiple grips to hold on to, and there are contours to fit most hand sizes. There is a steel and titanium liner inside of the handle, which is common in Emerson knives. However, there is really no reason to keep using two different liners.

Pocket Clip

The Sheep Dog is a little thick to carry in a pocket. It’s not huge, but it can be uncomfortable at times. The pocket clip is a great option because it helps the knife fit more comfortable in a pocket. The clip is at the right height to keep most of the knife in your pocket, but you can still quickly grab it out of your pocket.


The Sheep Dog uses a similar titanium linear lock that nearly every Emerson knife uses. The liner lock is a great choice since there is no chance that you can press the lock or the knife becoming harder to open over time.

The lock is a little hard to use when first out of the box. However, this fixes itself within a few uses. You may need to tighten the handle because the lock could have been loose from the outer casing.


The one con that the Emerson Sheep Dog has is that you will need to be careful when closing the knife. The knife does close extremely quickly, so you should make sure that your fingers are away from the locking area of the knife.

Overall, the Emerson Sheep Dog is a great knife. It retails for about $240, which makes this knife a great value. It is built to last and is a great option for anyone who is looking to buy a new tactical knife. You will need to be careful of where you place your fingers when closing the knife, but this is not a huge problem for most people.

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