Kubey Damsacus Rosewood 2in.

Reasons You Should Own a Kubey Damsacus Rosewood 2in

A good knife is defined not only by its blade and handle but also the general quality. It needs to be reasonably priced, and the functionality should not be an issue. The kubey damascus rosewood 2in is that folding knife that offers all this. The knife is portable as it has a lanyard hole and easily fits in the pocket.

It’s a Beautiful Knife

Everything about the knife is perfectly done. The jumping of the knife is well cut while the Damascus pattern is very well defined giving a perfect finish. It’s not only beautiful to the look, but also to the touch. It has a shiny appearance that adds to the beauty.

The Knife Has a Liner Lock and is Easy to Operate

No one needs a knife with a poor lock mechanism as this could lead to bad injuries. To make it safe for users, the kubey damascus rosewood 2in has a liner lock and is easy to operate. You do not need to use both hands to operate this beauty. You can use one hand to close and open it which is made possible by a thumb stud. No issues with the lock engaging.

Extremely Sharp

If you are not threatened by a sharp knife, then the kubey damascus rosewood 2in is what you should get. It is said to be sharp to a point that it can shave hair without issues. You can actually see the three parts that make up the spine of the blade. The average thickness of the blade is 2.1mm but towards the edge, it comes to 0.5 mm.

It Is Convenient and Portable

Carrying a knife without a sheath can be a challenge. There is the danger of hurting oneself or damaging clothes. This knife weighs 85g and has a lanyard hole that eases portability. When closed, its length is 3.1 inches, but the overall length is 5.3 inches. It also comes with a flannel bag.

Well Finished Handle

The handles scales add to the beauty of the Damascus pattern on the blade to make one of the most beautiful knives. The scales made of rosewood are of good quality.

Resists Corrosion

Corrosion and rusting is an enemy to any knife. No knife enthusiast would buy a knife knowing very well that they will have to deal with rust at some point. The highly collectible kubey damascus rosewood 2in resists corrosion, and there has not been any corrosion-related issue that has been reported. This could be due to the varnish or the acrylic that is use to give it an excellent shine.

With an oxidized finish on the back strap and on the scaled handle, the kubey damascus rosewood 2in is a beauty to behold. The knife remains shiny as the layers are resistant to stains. Although the edge is made of gray core steel, the layers are of mat gray finish. It has an excellent corrosion resistance that has built its popularity.

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