Schrade Viper 3 OTF.

Schrade Viper 3 OTF Review

There are times that a knife will catch your attention due to its cool design, but in terms of functionality, they do not offer much. Most knife collectors do not really care about the performance of the knife, sometimes they will buy it because it will provide an aesthetic appeal to their huge collection. This is where the Schrade Viper 3 OTF falls. Those who will buy it should not utilize it for heavy use aside. However, it functions perfectly when slicing the paper and opening cardboard.

Analyzing the Features of Schrade Viper 3 OTF

When it comes to the size of the knife, it is very ideal with an overall length of 7 inches wherein the handle measures 4 inches and the blade at about 3 inches. Weighing at about 4.8 oz, the weight seems to be on the heavier category, but with the Schrade Viper 3 OTF, the weight makes sense since this is not your common folding knife.

The blade of the Schrade Viper 3 OTF is crafted using Krupp 4116, which is a slight departure from the common materials that are typically used by the manufacturing company. It is a German stainless-steel that is made by TyssenKrupp which is commonly used as surgical steel. It is known for its high resistance against corrosion and an impeccable edge retention and hardness. When compared to the 440C that Schrade often used, the edge retention of the Krupp 4116 is a lot better. The steel of the blade is enough to handle the common task.

The shape of the blade of the Schrade Viper 3 OTF is also available in different style. The plain tanto is the more popular choice which comes with a drop point style and partly serrated. This makes it sharp, and the aluminum coating of the blade provide it with a tactical appearance.

In terms of its mechanism, a thumb slide positioned at the bottom of the handle can be push forward which will trigger the spring to assist the opening of the knife. It requires a considerable effort in order to trigger the release which is a bit inconvenient. But once you managed to

disengage the button, the knife will open rapidly. The mechanism is a lot different from an automatic knife since this assisted knife needs an effort in order to open the knife.

A slight concern about the mechanism of the Schrade Viper 3 OTF is the accidental triggering of the spring. The blade of the knife is quite sharp, and you never want to accidentally open it. Thankfully, Schrade added a locking feature on the side and a thumb safety.

All in all, this is a nice type of folder that you want to keep in your house. But for an everyday-carry, I recommend something practical with a conventional frame lock, lockback, and liner. It is also a less ideal tool for self-defense; you may want to look for a knife that is bigger for that purpose. But despite of that, the design looks great that any knife collectors would like to add in their line of knives.

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