Emerson CQC 7BW BT Tanto.

Emerson CQC 7BW BT Tanto Review

The CQC-7 is one of the most sought after folding knife from Emerson. It is one of the most popular knives in the world because the blade is thick and comes with a razor shape edge. One of the reasons why people love the CQC-7 is that it can be opened and closed using one hand. The CQC-7 comes with a black blade and handle, which make it very discrete when being carried.


The black blade is made from 135CM stainless steel. The stainless stain is a great option for a daily knife as rust is not a risk, so it is harder damage the knife. You can also sharpen the stainless steel blade using most sharpening tools. The blade is 3 inches long, which is good length for an everyday knife.

The blade is razor sharp out of the box. This makes it an excellent first knife because it can cut most materials with ease and it stays sharp for a long time. The downfall of the blade is for left handed users since the CQC is designed for the right hand. If you are lefthanded, you will need to be careful when opening and closing the knife.


The handle is 4.65 inches long, which makes it comfortable for most people to hold the knife. The handle is made from G-10, and its casing is titanium. The handle has a slight texture, which helps with gripping the knife. The texture on the knife is not deep, so it is not going to cut your fingers when you have the knife stored in your packet.

The handle has a pocket clip, which makes carrying the CQC 7 easy and safe. The pocket clip can be removed using a screwdriver, and you can also open the case for repair using the same screwdriver. The lock is on the side of the knife, and the handle is designed to be used in both hands. However, the blade is opened and closed using a liner lock. This can make opening and closing the knife with the lefthand hard at times.

Pros and Cons

The CQC 7 is one of the most popular knives from Emerson for good reasons. This knife is extremely durable and is at a good price point. The knife also can be opened using one hand with the liner lock. Like the other Emerson knives, the CQC 7 is made in the USA. It can be used for an everyday knife or as a hunting knife because the blade is so sharp.

The only major con about the CQC 7 is that it is not lefthand friendly. However, there are other Emerson knives that are designed for lefthanded people.


The CQC 7 is one of Emerson’s most popular knives. Costing around $200, the CQC 7 is one of the best every day knives that is on the market. The blade is stainless steel, which helps it hold its razor blade edge and is thicker than other knives, so it is less likely to break.

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