The Boker Plus 01BO148 Stingray.

The Boker Plus 01BO148 Stingray Folding Knife

There are those who need knives for professional deployment or everyday use. There are thousands of knife brands, but if there is one knife that stands out, it is the boker plus 01b0148sting ray from Sal Manaro. The knife comes with a VG-10 steel blade with an appealing fine satin finish and a length of 41/8 inches. This is surely an amazing piece of technology perfect not only to knife collectors but also for those looking for more than a pen knife.

The Knife is Well-Designed

For those looking for a well-designed pocket knife, the boker plus 01b0148 sting ray makes a very good option. It is appealing to the eyes due to its design and serves the purpose as it should. One thing that makes this knife beautiful is its satin finish on its VG-10 steel blade and its titanium frame. The long slender blade is one of the things that have made it popular among knife enthusiasts.

The Boker Plus 01b0148 Sting Ray Guarantees Easy Deployment

This full-size folding knife offers the best deployment that you can get with any knife, and the beauty of it is it does so with authority even when using one hand. This is made possible by the large thumb wheel or disc. You will flick it open with ease whether it is for professional deployment or for everyday uses.

A Great Frame Locking Mechanism

When you need a foldable knife that you put in your pocket, it must have a reliable lock mechanism. The frame locking mechanism of boker plus 01b0148 sting ray is amazing as it does so solidly. It is reliable, and you do not expect it to flick open in your pocket. It comes with a point up carry clip. The carry clip and the smooth locking mechanisms give you more peace when you put it in your pocket. For easy identification of your knife, there is a serial number engraved near the lock face.

It Is of the Right Size and Firm Grip

The Sting Ray is a knife that can be carried on any day not only due to its size but also the weight. Its weight is 5.4 oz. the overall length is 95/8 inches while its VG-10 steel blade is 41/8 inches. The handle is based on two titanium liners that offer a great amount of grip. Remember that a good grip plays a great role in the quality of a knife.

If what you are after in a knife is high quality, a sharp blade, a great locking mechanism and impressive technology, you can never go wrong with the Boker Plus 01b0148 Sting Ray. The locking mechanism keeps the blade locked in perfectly, and it is simple yet very stylish. With a non-slip handle and possibility of one hand deployment, it is worth adding to your knife collection or carrying it around for other uses. It can come in handy in case of an emergency.

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