One Stop Knife Co.

One Stop Knife History and Present

One Stop Knife is an online store that comes with the finest tactical gear, multi tools, knives and more. The store consists of knives, accessories, tools, flashlights and more. It stocks on knives from many famous brands, such as ESEE, CRKT or Benchmade. Find out all about the history of the store, and its present status.

History of One Stop Knife

This company is held privately, and stands in Louisville, KY. The business stands in a single location. It was set up in the year 2001, and contained in Kentucky. As per latest estimates, the annual revenue of the company is 421827. It has four staffs in total.

One Stop Knife Shop continues to be operated from Louisville. Those who wish to update kitchen with the newest tools and gadgets can easily purchase from the store. Those who would like to host a dinner party can get the best knives and cutlery items for their guests. The store comes with numerous amazing gadgets and tools for the kitchen, and allows people to cool like a professional very easily.

The store comes with many safe parking options close to it. Customers can easily park their vehicles near the shop and have a seamless buying experience. There are plenty of cutlery items to be found in the shop.

Present Status of One Stop Knife

Today, the store not only sells tactical knives. It is into the sales of many other knives and accessories, such as:

Automatic knives

Combat knives


Credit card knives

Backpacks, hydration and load bearing systems

Dive knives

Butterfly knives

Kitchen knives


Throwing knives

Neck knives

Other than knives and cutlery items, the store also sells lubricants, aluminum knuckles, medical gear and lighters. The brand also sells a wide variety of survival and camping equipments to cater to the needs of customers. It is also into the sales of Axe & Tomahawk, which happen to be some of the oldest tools of man for the purpose of survival and combat, and has been in use in the Military service of America for a long time.

Customers can subscribe to the newsletter of the store to get frequent news and updates from the store. It is easy to buy items from the store, and the wide range of knives and products allows customers to purchase the finest quality things for their needs.