Case 11924 81749L Copper Lock.

Case 11924 81749L Copper Lock Review If you are looking for a folding knife from Case, then you should consider buying the Case 11924 81749L Copper Lock. It is the must own product from the knife company. And its selling point is definitely its mother of pearl handle. Case 11924 81749L Copper Lock fold knife … [Read more…]

Kubey Damsacus Rosewood 2in.

Reasons You Should Own a Kubey Damsacus Rosewood 2in A good knife is defined not only by its blade and handle but also the general quality. It needs to be reasonably priced, and the functionality should not be an issue. The kubey damascus rosewood 2in is that folding knife that offers all this. The knife … [Read more…]

Schrade Viper 3 OTF.

Schrade Viper 3 OTF Review There are times that a knife will catch your attention due to its cool design, but in terms of functionality, they do not offer much. Most knife collectors do not really care about the performance of the knife, sometimes they will buy it because it will provide an aesthetic appeal … [Read more…]

Gerber Mini Covert 46924.

Gerber Mini Covert 46924 Review There are so many guys who cannot carry a pocket knife since most of them are quite bulky. Fortunately, the Gerber Mini Covert 46924 eliminates this as it has a minimalistic design, but does not compromise on the quality of its functionality. This is one knife that is known to … [Read more…]

KaBar Td1 Law Enforcement.

KaBar Td1 Law Enforcement As a police officer, there is nothing good like having any situation under control. Many criminals normally target the gun once they encounter a police officer because they know once the gun is withdrawn from the police, it would be easy to escape. As a police officer, it would be nice … [Read more…]

Case 029 Yellow 3207 CV.

Case 029 Yellow 3207 CV – Knife Review Choosing a knife, regardless of its kind is always going to be rather challenging. This is due to a range of different reasons. Right off the bat, there is a tremendous abundance of different options on the market. Going through it and digging out the solution that … [Read more…]

Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding.

Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife Knives are needed for different purposes, and this is the reason a good foldable knife comes in handy. When in search of a knife that can be used on a daily basis and fits well in the pocket, the buck knives 0055brs that weighs 1.9 oz. makes a deal … [Read more…]

Ontario Rat-1 5in.

A Comprehensive Review of Ontario Rat-1 5in Nowadays, if you are looking for a high-quality everyday-carry knife, you have a lot of options that you can choose from. Spyderco and Kershaw offer some of the best knives around the $30 price range. That price range offers you a huge selection of EDC knives such as … [Read more…]

Gerber 05849 Knife.

Gerber 05849 Knife Review Even when you have so many knives in your collection, when you come across the Gerber 05849 will always find a place in your closet. This is considered to be a hybrid knife due to the exceptional design. The knife has a perfect combination of ergonomics, minimal weight, balance, and strength. … [Read more…]

Piranta Bolt 2 3/4in 60A.

Piranta Bolt 2 3/4in 60AReview The Piranta Bolt 2 is a budget option for a hunting knife. The Bolt 2 has a removable and replaceable blade, which keeps the blade sharp. You can still sharpen the blade, but the blades are very thin. The handle is made from plastic and is bright orange. Blade The … [Read more…]