SOG Specialty Company.

SOG Specialty History and Present

SOG Specialty is a company that assembles and makes multi-tools and folding knives in the USA. It also makes multi-tools, which include the PowerAssist, PowerLock and Paratool. The costlier folders of SOG are developed in Seki, Japan by G. Sakai. The models with fixed blade were made originally in Seki, and these are now created in Taiwan. Some of the lower priced tools from SOG, like the Fusion line, are made in China or Taiwan.


The company was started by Spencer Frazer in 1986, and it began its operations in Santa Monica from his own apartment. Its first tool was a commemorative knife with a fixed blade priced at 169 USD, and based on the actual Vietnam military knife design.

Since 1986, the company has been developing the most innovative and strongest knives and multi-tools on the market.

The year 1988 witnessed the introduction of the Tomcat, the first folding knife. This knife won the Overall Knife of the Year Award from the Blade Magazine. It was the first among the many awards received by SOG for innovative ideas and items.

In 1990, the Tool Clip was introduced by the company. This was the first multi-tool of the company that led the business into broader and newer domains, which include the retail and industrial markets.

In 1995, Compound Leverage multi-tools were invented by Mr. Frazer. The patented design provides SOG tools with highly advanced pliers clamping strength. At present, the agency has more than 50 patents for its one of a kind designs and creations.

The year 2000 saw the SOG Assisted Technology, a very new-patented concept, was developed by the company. It has made it faster and easier to open a folding knife with either hand. The launch of these items saw the business establishing itself as the first maker of knife for the expansion of its line and including a deep fixed blades collection, folding knives and multipurpose tools.

2009 saw SOG collaborating with MCC Capital Partners, which is a private equity firm that specializes in the expansion of branded products. The company offers professional and efficient service, and safeguards the traditions of SOG of the strength of brand, quality and innovation of products.


Today, the company makes a wide variety of tools for casual outdoor users and military personnel. It also makes various other military styled knives, which include a tactical switchblade available only to law enforcement and military personnel.