Rike 1507 Folding.

Does it really matter what the name of a knife is? Are we to be automatically impressed if the knife bears a strong brand name? Are we to discount a blade blade because the name has little or no recognition? I guess it makes sense to be cautious when thinking about buying little known name brands, but we also should keep an open mind. All companies were new at one point in time, and only by being given a chance, were they able to impress the hell out of us.

There is a knife out there, and it is made by Rike Knife. Yeah a different name in more ways than one, but that is the name none the less. Not much is expected when checking out a made in China product. Some Chinese items are amazing, yet so many lead to disappointment, that one can just get used to being turned off, and expect a bad result.

Well this knife is not a bad result at all. In fact it’s quite a good knife. It’s refreshing to be incorrect sometimes, and any assumption that this product would be terrible, was clearly incorrect. So in this post we will discuss the Rike Knife 1507, the same way we would discuss any knife. Let’s be fair, and just give the facts about the product.


Rike 1507s


With a blade near 3.75 inches in length, and a cool looking bead blast finish, this drop point style knife looks quite good. The knife has a very modern appearance, but seems to be quite traditional with a blade that is narrow and long. Another aspect to this knife that is impressive, is how incredibly sharp the blade is upon delivery. This is a knife that would be easy to conceal, and has a relatively classic Japanese design to it. This is very much a knife that one would find quite easy, and comfortable to carry around. This would be a good knife for anyone, including the wife to carry on her person. The overall look in not intimidating at all. Also the slick thin design makes it almost impossible to detect when carried close to the body.

Basically this knife gets a seal of approval for a very affordable made in China product, inspired by old world Japan, and made with an overall fabrication quality that we can respect. Yes i love made is America with all my heart, and would turn to Europe as my second choice, however we must keep in mind, made in China does give some people a chance to own things they could never own otherwise. For that reason alone, we must give fair and balanced as well as honest information regarding products that find their way to our American market place.





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