Boker Plus Subcom.

This company, Boker Knives, originates in Germany, and has been around since the 1800s. Regarding the Boker Plus series of knives, country of origin is usually Taiwan, or China. This particular knife, the Subcom, has been made in China, and has a very good reputation for quality. Seems as though Chinese manufacturers have been quite clever about making sure quality control is top notch in their efforts to penetrate the world knife market. The Subcom Folding knife, is a mainstay of the Boker knife brand, and as a popular design, is a proud item for Boker.

Boker Plus Subcom

The blade comes is at 1.875 inches in length, and the over all length of the item, is 4.625 inches. When the item is closed it comes in at 2.75 inches. The weight is 1.96 ounces. This item has a frame lock mechanism, and the blade is made of high quality 440C stainless steel. This steel offers good hardness, and no worries regarding corrosion. The blade is of the drop point design and has a hollow ground drop point. This knife has a unique shape to it because it is quite short in blade length.

One should be thankful for the finger hole near the top of this blade because that is why the grip is so fantastic. Take that away, and the grip would suffer tremendously. These blades are known to need  bit of sharpening out of the box, but it takes very minimal effort to take the edge to razor sharpness. As for the Subcom Titan, this knife has an awesome look to it, with fine satin finish, and titanium scales.

One thing about this knife, it really is quite small. Anyone with normal hands will still find it hard to get more than three fingers around it while gripping. It is possible however to get used to it over time, and this is a very easy knife to carry, and conceal. It is the kind of tool that takes up very little space in a pocket, or in a purse. It can even double as an in pocket money clip, that has a blade.

To sum it up, i like this knife. It is very compact and convenient for an every day pocket or purse tool. I was very pleased with how easy this tool sharpens up, and it keeps an edge for quite a while. It is a great slicing tool for small things you need to cut. It is also a good value at the price. Check out a few more reviews, so that you have every side.

Product retails for around $35.






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