Kizer Rattler Pocket Knife.

This knife is made in China, and i must say, there are products made in China that leave Americans, such as myself, feeling impressed. Sure there is often a lot to complain about with made in China items, but there are made in China tools that are made with care, concern for customers, and good old fashioned pride. This is a made in China item worth knowing of. Having said all that, let’s discuss the Kizer Rattler. This model is fairly new. It is the Ki4470. The handles are made of titanium, and you can choose colors if you wish to. The blade measures in at 3.625 inches, and has a curved style that should appeal to most.

Kizer Rattler

The blade is great for making cuts, but the curve might be a challenge when the blade needs to be sharpened. However it arrives razor sharp. No one can say enough good about this blade. Insanely sharp, with grind lines of perfection. The steel used was CPM-S35VN, and is a very high quality steel indeed. There is a trick to making such steel have good hardness, and it is Niobium. It is blended into the mix to grant the metal a toughness, that is still affordable.

This knife is incredibly comfortable to handle. Great contours that meet the hand like a welcome sign. Not any tough edges to deal with at all. This knife will not disturb any one when it comes to comfort and sureness of grip. As for corrosion, not to worry. The amazing stainless steel will give the user years of beauty and lack of rust and wear. You will not see any rust at all even if you were to accidentally leave the item soaking wet for a day. Please take care of your knives, but when an accident happens, it’s nice to know the product will be just fine.

Yes there are better knives than this, but budgets are what they are. It is important that we offer information to people of all budget situations. This knife is an excellent made in china product. A truly phenomenal knife. A knife of this quality made in the USA will cost $300 or more. So check out a few reviews online, and consider this knife. It is under $170, and it may just be the price you are able to deal with to have an excellent carrying blade with you. I say it is worth every penny, and i do not use such words lightly.

Product retails for around $160.






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