Boker 110084 DAM Leopard.

Boker 110084 DAM Leopard – A Beautiful Pocket Knife

The Boker 110084 DAM Leopard is literally as strong as a tank. The blade was forged from the Damascus steel of a German Leopard I tank. It is special steel that was only available for military-use and not available for general consumption. However, Boker has managed to get some of the steel alloy, and the result is the beautiful folding knife that was designed to last for a long time.

Beautiful Blade of the Boker 110084 DAM Leopard

The barrel steel from the Leopard I tank was combined with a special alloy of vanadium and chromium-manganese tool steel to produce a wear-resistant The blade has 300 layers and has a Small Pyramid pattern. You can easily distinguish it as a Damascus blade even when you are still far.

And to complement the beautiful blade, Boker used an aluminum handle with Ziracote wood inlays. The blade is 3 3/8 inches long, while the overall length is 7 3/8 inches. And it only weighs 4.4 oz., which makes it a very portable folding knife.

Built to Be Used

If you are looking for a quality folding knife, then consider getting a Boker 110084 DAM Leopard. It can be used as an everyday pocket knife if you don’t might its price. It has a good feel and balance. And because of its size, it can fit nicely in the front pocket, without hindering access to it.

Unlike cheap folding knives, you don’t need to sharpen the blade of the Boker 110084 DAM Leopard knife after every use. The set screws do their job properly and doesn’t loosen over time. It is definitely worth every dollar you spent on it. The blade doesn’t rust as well. But if you want to prolong its life, then consider oiling it down on a regular basis. And because it is built to last, it will keep its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Collectors of unique folding knives should consider getting a Boker 110084 DAM Leopard. Not only is it aesthetically good, it is also designed to cut when needed. This makes it stand out from the other custom folders on the market today.

About Boker

Boker is one of the top knife makers on the planet. The German company has been making high-quality knives since 1869. And because of their enthusiasm and passion for top class knives, they make sure that knives from their production are without any flaws. And this is true for the Boker 110084 DAM Leopard.

When you purchase the Boker 110084 DAM Leopard, you’ll get a gift box and a certificate of authenticity. While it doesn’t have a limited run, it does feature a serial number. It is surely a good addition to your knife collection.

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