Case 11924 8179L Copper Lock.

Case 11924 8179L Copper Lock Review

The Case Copper Lock comes with a mother of pearl handle, which makes the knife very beautiful. However, the knife is not only a show piece. The blade is Tru-Sharp surgical steel, which is extremely sharp and is easily sharpened.

The Copper Lock is light for a 3.5-inch knife because it only weighs 2 ounces, which could be due to the lack of a pocket clip. However, the lighter weight makes it a great option for those who are looking for a stylish everyday knife. You should invest in a carrying case, especially if you are planning to buy the Copper Lock since it does not come with its own.


The blade in the Copper Lock is 2 ¼ inches long, which is a good size because the knife’s handle is 3.5 inches long. The blade is made from Tru-Sharp surgical steel. Tru-Sharp surgical steel is used since it can cut most objects and stays sharper longer. You can sharpen this steel, but you should be careful because over sharpening can damage the edge.

The Copper Lock blade is polished and sharpened during manufacturing. You should be careful the first few times that you use the knife since it will be razor sharp.


The handle is steel and mother of pearl. The mother of pearl outer cover is meant to add a beautiful touch to the knife. This cover has made the Copper Lock a popular collector piece because it looks amazing both in use and in storage. The rivets on the handle are made from nickel silver, which adds a unique color to the knife and will prevent rust.

Like other Case knives, the inner pieces of the Copper Lock are hand crafted from steel. The makes the knife durable and prevents rust from accruing on the inside of the knife.


There are some cons for the Case Copper Lock. The knife is on the small side for some people because the handle is only 3.5 inches long, so it can be hard to hold if you have larger hands.

You will also need to buy your own case if you want to carry the knife. There is no pocket clip, and the smaller size can make storing the knife in your pocket a little difficult.

Should You Buy the Copper Lock?

Case knife brand is known for making amazing knives, and their products are used around the world. The Case Copper Lock is a great option if you are looking for a smaller knife. It is also a great show piece with the mother of pearl handle. This knife makes a great gift for anyone that is interested in knives.


Case Knives are known for being beautifully handcrafted knives, and the Case Copper Lock is a great example of this. While the outside of the Copper Lock is made from mother of pearl, the blade of the knife is made from surgical steel that is designed to stay sharp for a long time. You will need to be careful when carrying it because the knife does not completely close, but you can fix this by adding a carrying case.

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