Zero Tolerance 0220.

Zero Tolerance 0220 Review

The Zero Tolerance knife is a perfect combination of the Jens Anso and Zero Tolerance knives. The best features of the knives have been put together to bring the designer knife ZT 0220. This has been made possible when Jens Anso chose to team up with Zero Tolerance.

This is a sleek knife that comes with a practical design and so many amazing features. The knife has been designed in such a manner that it is a must-have, due to the versatile functionality that it offers. If you are knife enthusiasts, you will really love to have the 0220 as part of your collection.

Main Features

The ZT 0220 has a KVT ball-bearing system that is used for purposes of opening it. In addition to this, it comes with a reversible, deep-carry clip for left and right movements as well as tipping it up.

The knife is quite durable due to its solid construction. The lock bar insert is made from hardened steel. The frame lock is made from titanium and the backspacer is made from aluminum and has a lanyard attachment that is built-in.

The blade is made of top quality S35Vn stainless steel, which enhances the overall quality of the knife.

The blade has a drop-point, which is modified and slightly curved.

The overall length of the ZT 0220 knife is 8.4 inches, with the blade being 3.5 inches. When closed, the knife measures 4.9 inches, in length.

It is quite convenient to carry since it weighs only 175.8 grams.

Why You Should Consider the ZT 0220

There are so many things that make the ZT 0220 stand out from the others. For instance, the high-quality steel that makes the blade is wear-resistant and does not chip easily. As such, you can use it for hardcore cutting tasks without any problem. The blade is razor-sharp, thanks to the vanadium and niobium carbides. The stonewashed blade will give the knife a great appearance, and you will not notice any scratches on the knife.

The blades that are made of titanium complement the appealing nature of the blade. You will definitely love the overall design and finish of this knife. In order to enhance the look of the knife, there is decorative pivot and a ZT logo that have been placed strategically near the rear end of the knife. The knife has a great flash of color, but this is not just for the appearance; it is a functional blade that will serve all your cutting needs.

Design and Quality Come Together

Everyone knows about the quality works that Jens Anso does. He is a Danish knife maker and designer, with a great reputation in the industry. Zero Tolerance, on the other hand, is known for the superior quality of their knives. So you can imagine the combination of ZT and Jens, and this is what ZT 0220 is all about. It is a perfect combination of exceptional quality and remarkable design. This is a knife that will not disappoint you.

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