Bench made BKC Bedlam AXIS.

Bench made BKC Bedlam AXIS.

The Bedlam was the ultimate knife design that many Kings’ forces used to have in the olden days before guns were invented. Though the knife is very long, its nature and strength commands respect from the people around you. The premium strength of the knife gives users the autonomy to cut strong objects of all stamina without it breaking or bending. The Scimitar design not only gives it a compelling look but also gives it the ability to intrude and cut objects without it breaking or bending.

Materials Used in Making

The 154 centimeter is made from steel, the hardest type of steel, which makes it stronger than any other type of a knife. The steel is 58-61 HRC grade, a powerful grade of steel that is known to overcome any sort of environmental condition or corrosion-causing substances that could tamper with its strength. To add on to its already powerful strength, the steel is coated which gives it complete strength and makes it a reliable knife for all the outdoor environment activities. The knife has a thickness of 3.07mm which makes it to be strong, and when you sharpen it, its cutting margin never gets blunt easily thereby making you to cut many things when it the wilderness.

Easy and Safe to Carry Around

The knife has a length of 7.3 Ounces which makes it portable and convenient to carry around without putting a lot of weight on you. With 9.76 inches open length and 5.76 closed length; it is convenient when it comes to using it since you can cut things conveniently without getting obstructed. When you fold it, it perfectly gets confined in its space thereby making it safe to carry around without causing harm.

Its handle is made of G10 black material that has a thickness of 15mm and well-fixed to the blade. The tight fixation of the handle to the blade prevents the blade from disintegrating from the handle thereby making the user to cut any object that he or she wants without the knife being

compromised physically. The handle has gripping lines which are known to prevent the knife from slipping out of the hand even when it is handled with wet hands or during the rain. Everything of the knife is superb because the designer, Bench Made is an all-time reliable knife designer.

Its manual and automatic axis opening mechanism makes it an easy to open and fold knife which makes it good for emergency cases. It opens away from your hands or body which is good for the user’s safety. This knife is designed for those who always go for hunting, for those who go fishing, policemen and watchmen, citizens who cannot use a gun for one reason or another and anyone who wants a high-quality knife that will never fail when its services are needed. The knife is only made in USA so don’t pick other brands from other manufacturers that resemble its physical nature because you might get a low-quality knife.

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