Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium.

Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium

The Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium is a customized folding knife manufactured by Shane Sibert. It is a stainless steel, heavy-duty blade that basically folds into a durable titanium liner to ensure that it will be locked up in place. The handle’s angles combined with the jimping will make sure that the knife will remain stable. It was first slated to be leased last August 2014, but due to the alteration in the design, the release had been pushed back last February 2015.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Feature of Benchmade 757 Sibert Titatnium

The S30V blade measures at about 3.86 inches in length and a thickness of about 0.162 inches. For a folding knife, that is quite thick, however, we all know that Shane Sibert is known for creating a strong type of folders. The knife has an overall weight of 6.62 oz, and the blade was significantly hardened of approximately 58-60 HRC. It comes with a pocket clip that makes it very convenient to carry.

The handle is made from a two-layered of G10. The outer 3-D handle is green while the inner G10 handle is black. The design of the handle is very stunning; you will notice it once you hold the blade. It gives you a very perfect grip. There is a friction grove and a friction cut which greatly improves your grip. This feature will make sure that the blade will not slip out in your hand no matter what the situation is. The top edge of the handle comes with alligator ridges which also help in securing the knife in your hand. This is something that you need to experience in order to understand it.

Once you look at the design feature of the Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium, you will understand why it is challenging to duplicate this using CNC machine. One may think that it is just too easy to create a program that is designed to cut the blade, but in reality, the process is too complex. This design can only be achieved through hand by a custom knife-maker.

The overall look and feel of the Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium definitely makes it one of the

high-class and first-rate products of Benchmade. The polish is relatively dull which simply makes sense since S30V stainless steel would not only be tough to polish but also time-consuming before you will achieve a mirror-quality polish.

In terms of the functionality and performance of the Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium, this is generally designed for overall cutting purposes, unlike the other knives. You may use it on your daily grinds, opening boxes, in the kitchen. But upon a careful analysis on its performance, the blade is more perfect for slashing than stabbing.

The Benchmade 757 Sibert Titanium is a stunning and incredible piece of work that most people will love to carry daily in their pocket. This is not only a blade that you should add to your enormous collection, but it will also serve its purpose well.

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