Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ.

Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ.

The Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ is commonly referred to as the Slysz Bowie and has an overall length of 7.79 inches. The blade has a length of 3.42 inches, and the overall weight of the knife is 4.3 ounces. The country of origin of the Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ is Taiwan, and this is one of the most convenient survival knives that you will find on the market. It is a medium sized knife and has a great handle to blade ratio, making it easier to handle. However, there are some consumers who feel that the handle it too large.

Key Features

The Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ has a clip point blade and has an elongated clip. It also has a rounded spine that has a beautiful detail. As for the blade, it has a grind that is fully flat, and it is wedgy and thin. In addition, the knife has a stonewash finish that has been properly polished. The blade is shiny and reflective and works as a mirror. The clip points give the blade a practical shape, and as such, it has a great piercing ability and tip strength balance.

These are the main features that will cause this knife to have an exceptional cutting performance. Being made of original steel, the Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ is firm and is ideal for cutting boxes, woodwork and ropes and other regular chores. This is as a result of the overall structure and design of the knife.

Design and Ergonomics

The handle has two handle slabs that are made of titanium. The radius of the handle is gentle and has a nice touch. As a result, the edges of the knife are crisp, and it does not feel too bulky in the hand. The overall construction is top quality and has a matte gray hardware. There is a large pivot and a black G10 backspace on this Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ knife. The back spacer appears in 2 places and protrudes on the handle scales.

There is a light chamfering on the corners of the backspacer, which breaks the monotony of the plain black appearance. The titanium handles appear to have gone through rigorous

stonewashing, which leaves minimal texture on the surface of the handle. The handle makes is easier to cram the knife into the pocket, without having to worry about injuries to the flesh. The Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ is a practical knife with versatile functionality.

Handling the Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ

Generally, the knife feels good in the hand and is easier to handle. Even the people with large hands will not have any problems since it has a large handle. This is a normal that would be ideal for normal use as the handles are contoured for easier handling and a great grip. The forward and reverse grips, in heavy duty chores, are well- balanced.

To sum it all, the Spyderco C186 TIP SLYSZ knife is beautiful and a solid knife for various cutting chores. You can use it for various tasks and achieve the desired results with minimal efforts.

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