Spyderco Military Model Titanium.

Spyderco Military Model Titanium Folding Knife

Spyderco is world renowned in their tactical and defense folding knifes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Their military line is conceptually more innovative with various blade designs, and blade metals used such as the Spyderco Military Model Titanium which is just as awesome to look at as they are practical to use.

Spyderco is known for their commitment to top quality and are a proud American manufacturing company. Their military line started in the nineties and has improved upon their designs, and their folding military knifes continue to deliver reliability, top quality and high functionality that is practical for self-defense, enforcement work or even everyday carry.

Quality, Functionality, and Reliability

The Spyderco Military Model Titanium folding knife is a full on tactical blade fairly large, but uniquely lightweight. This model is superior quality and offers uncomplicated design and functional practicality and ready to go right out of the box. No need for ample carry space because this knife is slender, sleek and mean and can be used as a utility or tactical blade to suit all your needs.


The Spyderco Military Model Titanium folding tactical or utility knife is a fluted model of their standard military knifes made of titanium. The fluted design is still ergonomically sound, and the front handle is fluted in a sea shell design. The elements within the design are elegant beauty paired with reliable functionality.

The back handle doubles as a Reeve Integral Locking system acting like a spring lock to keep the blade open. The ability to use the handle or scale as the locking mechanisms allows for lack of internal liners resulting in light weight but safe and strong locking of the blade when needed.

Craftsmanship of Strength

The outstanding plain edged blade in corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel CPM S30V comes equip with an oversized Spyderco round hole for one-handed deployment. The artwork and craftsmanship of the choil and spine with jumping for safety and plain edged for beauty and strength.


The closed overall length is a mere five and a half inches while fully folded out it is a super-sized nine and a half inches of pure brute meanness. The blade is a wicked four inches in length with a thickness of a little over a quarter of an inch. It is extremely lightweight weighing in slightly over five ounces and has a clip position of right-handed style.

Get your Spyderco Military Model Titanium folding tactical knife today. They are proven reliable, strong and of top quality. Good for use as tactical gear, utility or person defense so get yours today. Buy a Spyderco for simply being American made and for their world renowned quality and corrosion and wear resistant use of CPM S30V blade steels. You will find no other tactical folding knife on the market today that can deliver what the Spyderco Military Model Titanium folding tactical knife can. Slim, sleek and mean get yours today.

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