Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider.

Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider Review

When you are out in the wilderness hunting or in the ocean fishing, you encounter a lot of things and obstacles which require you to be highly prepared to face them. Most of the activities in the wilderness include cutting a lot of things like ropes, sticks, leaves and the animals that you are hunting. To do this perfectly, you need a perfect knife that can accomplish all the cutting duties without reducing in quality. Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider is one of the hunting and fishing knives that has been used by people for long in their outdoor and adventure activities.

Highly Portable

It has a small size that does not add a significant volume to the things you are carrying. Besides the convenience in carrying it, it has a light weight that enables you to carry it around without getting tired. Since it is foldable, it does not expose you to any sort of injury in the event that you happen to mishandle it or fell and lie on it as you are running in the wilderness. Its 3/4″ Blade Length makes it a perfect tool that can be withdrawn any time at any speed from its kept place.

Durable and Perfect Made

The G10 and Titanium Handles of these knives are very strong that makes the knife have a powerful strength to make you cut any object without the knife bending. The patterns of the plastic handle offer a nice gripping effect which prevents the knife from slipping out of the hand while cutting objects even when there is rain or water. The blade maintains its sharpness for long period after being sharpened thereby making you to cut a lot of things without the knife going blunt in the wilderness. It is rust proof even after being exposed to moisture for long which makes it durable and clean always. The tungsten tiger strip feature does not only add non-reflective camouflage effect, but it also improves the hardness of the blade and reduces the friction drag when cutting objects.

The speed safe assisted opening feature of the knife enables users to open it on emergence issues

without hurting themselves. The blade is a stainless metal that functions without bending or breaking no matter the type of an object that you are cutting. Unlike other hunting knives, this one does not need a cover because once it is folded; it is able to remain in position until the time when it is needed for use.

The knife is only made in the US where most of the iconic knife makers are found. It has a Quad-mount system that enables the user to adjust the knife for tip-up or tip-down carry depending on which position you are convenient with. It is corrosion resistant which means you can keep it in most places without undergoing any degradation in quality. The designers are Ken Onion, Mick Strider so do not be confused to choose a different brand because there many knives with the same appearance online.

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