Bench made 477 Osborne.

Bench made 477 Osborne Review

The Emissary Knife is a strong knife that is made from steel. The designer of the knife is Osborne, a professional and experienced designer who has the knowledge to design outdoor survival tools that many people normally buy. The knife has a compelling Aluminum frame that not only adds to the fantastic look of the knife but also provides a safe keeping place for the knife. With the powerful strength that it has, you can be sure to cut a lot of hard objects without the knife bending or breaking as it is the case with many other knives.

Specifications of the Knife

The blade has length of 3.45 inches which makes it robust since it cannot bend easily even when cutting hard objects. To add on to knife’s strength is its blade’s thickness of 0.1 inches which makes the knife remain sharp for long hours of active cutting after being sharpened. The handle is made from powerful plastic with a thickness of 0.52 inches making the knife to withstand all sorts of forces when being used. The handle is fixed by use of high-quality materials to the blade making the blade and the handle to stay intact even when used to cut hard surfaces.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities and Survival

The blade is made from S30V Premium Stainless Steel which is of 58-60 HRC making it to be the hardest knife of all. It has an axis lock mechanism that makes the knife to open and close safely without hurting the user. It has a complete open length of 8 inches and a close length of 4.55 inches making it to be a moderate sized knife that many people can use. The premium gripping markings and lines on the handle makes the knife to stay in place in the hand of the user for perfect cutting of objects.

It has CNC machined billet, reversible deep-carry tip-up pocket clip and aluminum handles thereby making it easy for people to carry around. Its weight is very little which makes people to carry it where they will go without getting tired. The steel is coated with materials that prevent the blade from corrosion substances or bad weather that could make the blade rust. Owing to this coating, the duration of the knife is highly enhanced. Its strength gives the user the autonomy to cut any objects of any strength without compromising the quality of the knife.

The handle is attached by powerful screws that are very strong making the handle of the knife to stay in position always. For those who are looking forward to have an outdoor experience, security personnel, soldiers or any person who want to have a perfect knife, this knife is the ultimate one to have. You would not be required to sharpen it regularly but it will just work efficiently and as needed. Cut your things with confidence and stay in the wilderness knowing you have a reliable tool that accomplish your cutting duties anytime you need to perform them.

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