Cold Steel G-10 Espada.

The Cold Steel G-10 Espada

Self-defense is very important in the world today, and one way many are enhancing this is through having a foldable knife. It is normally hooked on the belt or put in the pocket. If you are looking forward to have a foldable and strong pocket knife cold steel G-10 offers this. It’s a beautiful knife, with a very sharp blade that comes in handy when you need to use it.

The Knife has a Comfortable Handle

The handle of the large Espada is quite comfortable with its chamfered edges. The handle has a length of 63/4 inches and is full sized. While you tuck your last two fingers slightly behind the sub-hilt, the index finger rests on the aluminum bolster finger groove making a two grip position possible. It is amazing how you can securely and comfortably hold the knife in your hands when you need to. The handle has a sturdy steel pocket clip that you comfortably holster. Metal makes the two ends of the handle. If you would like to give a blunt strike to an attacker, hit them with the long handle.

A Great Locking Mechanism

One of the things that make a foldable knife a great one is its locking mechanism. As a user, you need to be assured that the knife will close only when you need it to. This Cold Steel has a locking mechanism that is out of this world. Those that have used the knife can attest that its Tri-Ad lock is one of the best mechanisms. It is tough and has fewer parts that are movable.

Great Finishing

Much detail has been paid to the finishing of the cold steel G-10 Espada. The overall finishing is what makes the knife even more beautiful.

A Strong Beautiful Blade

When you buy a knife, you expect much strength and cutting ability no matter the use. It becomes even more sensitive when you need to use the knife for self-defense. The Cold Steel Large G-10 has a desirable cutting ability with its sharp point and a perfect reach offering a smooth sweep. The blade has a length of 51/2 inches. The clip point blade comes while “wickedly” sharpened. The finish is as you would want on a foldable knife.

If you are looking for a strong knife that is portable and has a great cutting power, the cold steel G-10 Espada is the best option. Its overall length is 121/4 inches while the blade length is 51/2 inches. Besides attacking an opponent with the blade, you can use the handle for a blunt strike. Although there are three sizes of this knife which are the medium, large and extra large, the large one is more popular since it easily fits in a pocket making it more portable. The blade is 4mm thick, and the overall length which includes the blade and the handle is 121/4 inches. You do not have to worry about its weight since it is light to carry around.

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