Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket.

Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket Knife

Less is more, that is currently the idea behind the Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket Knife. It is a very minimalist type of blade that is designed by Fallkniven. All features have been kept simple; from the slim and premium folding system with a basic handle and a laminated blade. Mostly, all basic features that are enough to call it a pocket knife is included here. This aspect that is being employed by the knife-maker is not new, and we have seen this from their past creations from their F1 and A1 which is truly admirable.

Examining the Features of Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket Knife

The complete length of the knife measures at 5.9 inches wherein the blade has a 2.52 inches, and it has a weight of 1.5 oz. The product has been manufacture in Japan by Moki which is made for Fallkniven. One glance on the knife and you will realize that there is nothing much to say about it and you will think what made it so popular. For those who order their first Fallkniven Gentleman’s Pocket Knife, they will be initially surprised on the small-size of the package. Actually, you can compare it with the size of the matchbox. This makes it a superior pocket knife which is not only small but super lightweight.

The design of their blade is drop point that comes with a full-flat grind. You will not find any distinguishing feature or swedge aside from the laser-etched logo, nail nicks and the demarcation of the steel. This is very simple; you can generally use the tip of the blade for a common household chore, and it has a belly on the blade.

The company decided to choose VG10 cladding with the laminated blade and a SGPS core. When the blade is used on the paper, the function is quite interesting. It has been heat treated to increase its hardness and is currently sold as a premium blade. The performance of the blade on cutting cardboard is a bit underwhelming. The blade is sharp and thin, and one will instantly expect more on its performance. The blade simply cut the cardboard, but it is not the common silky-smooth cut that can be provided by other similar pocket knives. You will greatly improve the blade when it is

re-filed. The retention of the edge is okay, it is basically a step beyond the AUS8 and the VG10.

The handle of the blade is made from a molded Zytel. It is a strong, lightweight and high-density plastic material that makes it functional. Unfortunately, there are other knife enthusiasts who do not like the feel of this material. There is a pivot screw and the lanyard hole which give the pocket knife a sleek and clean look.

The size of the handles is basically adequate to accommodate your four fingers. It has a light texture which makes if quite comfortable to hold. The inside is relatively sharp. I do not necessarily consider this as a high traction, but it is typically ideal for the common task. Considering the pros and the cons of the blade, I am quite torn in recommending this product.

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