Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding.

Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife

Knives are needed for different purposes, and this is the reason a good foldable knife comes in handy. When in search of a knife that can be used on a daily basis and fits well in the pocket, the buck knives 0055brs that weighs 1.9 oz. makes a deal worth it. One great advantage is how useful these knives are as they can be used in opening envelopes and cutting cartons. 

Strong Knife

From the handle that is made of natural wood grain that has brass bolsters to the 420HC blade, the quality is amazing. It is sharp and strong enough to skin a deer. With this knife, you do not have to worry about corrosion or rust due to its high-end blade material. Its strength is actually compared to its heirloom sized version known as 110 folding hunter knife.

The Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife Safe for Use

The buck knives 0055BRS folding hunter knife is a safe knife to have around with its lock-back. With this locking mechanism, you do not expect the knife to lock accidentally on your fingers while in use which could lead to a lot of pain. Since it comes out of the box very sharp, you have to use it with care.

Its Locking Mechanism is Quite Strong

A strong locking mechanism assures you of your safety whether the knife is in your pocket or you are using it. You do not expect the blade to be wiggling around in your pocket considering how sharp it is. This makes it very reliable and safe for all users. The knife is designed with a finger nail groove meant for opening when need be.

Perfect for Small Chores, If you are looking for a pocket knife with a long blade that performs various chores, the buck knives 55 will be of great use. This knife made in the USA can be used for outdoor purposes or in the office for opening boxes.

The Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife is Very Well Designed

To prove that the Buck Knives 0055BRS Folding Hunter Knife is perfectly designed, it meets all the laws regulating knives manufacturing. The handle and the blade are very well designed as it is more compact and thinner. It is of the right size as it is 8.5 cm when closed with the blade measuring 6 centimeters. This is a locking pocket knife that is not only small in size but also very effective in functionality.

Depending on what you need a knife for, the buck Knives 0055BRS also known as the 55 is amazing. Everything about it is easy. Whether you are sharpening or using it, you will find that it is user-friendly. Carrying it around is also easy due to its small size. With its 33/8 inch length when closed, fitting the knife in your pocket should not be a problem. It is well crafted with a perfect brass polishing.

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