Gerber 05849 Knife.

Gerber 05849 Knife Review

Even when you have so many knives in your collection, when you come across the Gerber 05849 will always find a place in your closet. This is considered to be a hybrid knife due to the exceptional design. The knife has a perfect combination of ergonomics, minimal weight, balance, and strength. With this knife, you can be able to accomplish so many tasks. It qualifies as one of the best tactical knives that can be used even in a survival situation.


While the knife is very easy to use, it has versatile functions, thanks to its amazing features. For instance, you will only need to use one hand to open the knife. This means that even when you are in a tricky position, you can easily grab the knife and flip it open, using a single hand. The blade is also coated with low profile titanium nitride, and this enhances its strength and durability. There is a lanyard hole and a stainless pocket clip, which will make it easier to carry the knife in your pocket safely.

Dimension and Specifications

The overall length of the knife is 6.95 inches, which is an ideal length to perform any cutting function. When the knife is closed, it has a length of 4.08 inches. The blade is 2.94 inches long, and the whole weight of the knife is 2.08 ounces. The blade style is the clip point design, which enhances the functionality.

There is a liner lock mechanism, which will enhance the safety of the Gerber 05849 knife. The blade is made of a 440A stainless steel, and it is serrated to make it easier to cut through any surface. The handle is made of die-cast aluminum and has soft-grip inserts, which make the knife comfortable in the handle, while in use.

Made to Last

The Gerber 05849 is easy to open using one hand and has mechanics that make its use smooth and silky. The pocket clip provides additional convenience when carrying the knife and it is also a knife that is durable due to the fact that it is made of caliber stainless steel. Generally, the knife commands great respect among the AR models. Besides these features, what stands out is the handle that is made of an innovative blend of softgrip inserts on the handle, and the die-cast aluminum construction enhances the durability of the knife. This is a knife that every guy should have in his collection of knives and survival accessories.

Great Innovation , Gerber is known to be a manufacture that uses innovation and creativity and have become masters in the development of knives and other tools. The Gerber 05849 does not disappoint and has features that will solve most problems that may require the use of a knife. The elegant appearance of the knife makes it more than a cutting blade, and you can use it for various tasks. You can carry this knife in your pocket, and when you are using the knife, you will realize that the Gerber 05849 has a great balance.

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