KaBar Td1 Law Enforcement.

KaBar Td1 Law Enforcement

As a police officer, there is nothing good like having any situation under control. Many criminals normally target the gun once they encounter a police officer because they know once the gun is withdrawn from the police, it would be easy to escape. As a police officer, it would be nice to have an option B weapon that you can withdraw anytime conveniently to enforce the law. Ka Bar Td1 Law Enforcement knive is the best option because it is made to be used by any police officer who would like to have an additional weapon.

Physical Nature or Its Shape

The knife is not a lock style type making you to readily use it the moment you withdraw it from the worn belt. It has edge angles of 15 degrees making it to have a hook-like appearance that makes the police to withdraw it without harming him or herself. Its Drop point shape makes it easy and convenient to use. The length of the knife blade is 2.3125’’ and the Overall length is 5.625″ making it a convenient knife to carry around. The knife blade is made from 57-59 CR steel making it to be very hard and robust.

It has a hollow Grind that makes it a unique and strong knife to use. The steel is made thick and with a bending style making it very hard and strong enough not to physically bend or break. The handle, made from Zytel material, offers a premium gripping force that enables the knife to stay in position without slipping out of the hand. The blade thickness is 0.125mm which makes it one of the strongest knives that can serve the police officer even in hard situations. It is originally made in Taiwan so do not confuse it with other brands.

Long Durability

The steel that was used in making of the blade is of high quality thereby making the knife to last even when subjected to bad environment like acidic surfaces or corrosive materials. The handle material does not absorb water or moisture thereby making it to last for long without rotting. The blade and the handle are well fixed with premium quality materials to ensure that the knife does not disintegrate even when it encounters a strong physical force. When attached to the belt, it stays in position and due to its light weight; you would not feel tiredness even if you carry it all day long.

The law enforcement knives are good even for soldiers who go for battles because it can assist you to encounter enemies at a time when you are not in a position to access the gun. Because the knife lasts long, you would not be buying it regularly since one knife is enough to serve you for several years. Make sure you are fully prepared to handle tricky situations, have this knife and you would be able to stay confident any place you are deported to serve your duties.

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