Ontario Rat-1 5in.

A Comprehensive Review of Ontario Rat-1 5in

Nowadays, if you are looking for a high-quality everyday-carry knife, you have a lot of options that you can choose from. Spyderco and Kershaw offer some of the best knives around the $30 price range. That price range offers you a huge selection of EDC knives such as the Ontario Rat-1. This highlights a lengthy blade with a tank-like structure and available at approximately $30. With that affordable price, it is truly a piece of art that you should not ignore. Let us analyze it closely and see the value that it can offer to the consumers.

Basic Features of the Ontario Rat-1

The overall length of the knife is about 8.6 inches where the blade measures 3.5 inches and weighs at around 5 oz. Despite of the interesting dimension of the Rat-1, it has a very ergonomic design. There are people who find it quite heavy, but the larger dimension of the knife makes it an ideal EDC folder. Some people can use it as a tactical knife, and it will perfectly fit the role. It can also be a utility knife that performs well on basic functions which will not cost you an arm and a leg in case it was lost or damaged.

The blade of the Ontario Rat-1 has a drop point design. The full-flat grind and the no frills design makes it look so simple. When it comes to the function, the blade is perfect for slicing. The knife is designed with no swedge, but it is still considerably solid. You may find it as a very versatile and practical knife that works well in various tasks. It is available on black coating and satin finish. The coating is poorly made which can easily be damaged which is why I recommend the satin finish. The satin-finish, when compared to the coating, is rather reflective, bright and sharp. However, this type of polish may not be ideal for work knife.

Crafted from AUS8 steel which is a mid-range type of steel, the knife is considerably strong, and the sharpening of the blade is also easy. Unfortunately, the AUS8 also tends to lose their edge faster compared to the upscale type of steel. But with the $30 knife, you should be contented with that feature.

In terms of the handle, it has a flow-through structure crafted from Zytel plastic and stainless steel. The Zytel may not be the first choice of everyone. But with the Ontario Rat-1, the Zytel is a great choice due to the durable and the ultra lightweight scale. The fact that it is made from Zytel plastic also makes it easier to manufacture the knife in different colors.

Ergonomic feature of the Ontario Rat-1 is also laudable. The handle measures 5 in. in length, which provides an ample space even if you have big hands. It is also considerably thick which makes it very comfortable to use, but carrying it may be an issue for other users. The performance of the knife on the reverse and forward grip makes it a great tactical knife.

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