Piranta Bolt 2 3/4in 60A.

Piranta Bolt 2 3/4in 60AReview

The Piranta Bolt 2 is a budget option for a hunting knife. The Bolt 2 has a removable and replaceable blade, which keeps the blade sharp. You can still sharpen the blade, but the blades are very thin. The handle is made from plastic and is bright orange.


The Piranta Bolt 2 comes with a 60A stainless steel blade that is 2 ¾ inches long. There are 12 additional stainless steel blades in the box because the Bolt has a removable blade. The blades are thin, so you will need to replace them often because they can break during regular use.


The handle is made from plastic and is 4.55 inches long. The handle is superlight weight and is easy to carry. The plastic that makes up the handle is thin, so you can break it if you put too much pressure on it.

On the handle, there is a removable pocket clip. This makes it easy to carry the knife around. There is a black rubber grip to make holding the knife easier. The lock is a liner lock, which makes it easy to open.

Pros and Cons

The Piranta Bolt 2 is like many other knives on the market, so there are pros and cons to buying this knife.


The low price: The Piranta Bolt 2 is under $40 USD, which is on the low end for a hunting knife.

The replacement blades are also well priced at $9 each.

The blade is removable: This is important because the blade can break easily and dulls quickly. However, you can switch the blades, so breaking the blade is not a huge deal.

Comes with a nylon belt holster, Along with the pocket clip, the Piranta Bolt 2 comes with belt holster each makes easy to carry the knife and 12 extra blades.


The handle can break easily: The handle is made from thin plastic, which can break into pieces.

The blade does not hold an edge: You will need to sharpen the blade after a few uses. The blade is also very thin, which causes the blade to break during heavy use.

You have to be careful when you are replacing the blade: When switching the blades, you need to make sure that your fingers are away from the blade because you can easily cut yourself.


The Piranta Bolt 2 is a budget-friendly option for a hunting and field knife. This knife is easy to clean and has a removable blade. You will need to be careful with the knife since it is not as durable as other hunting knives on the market. The holder that comes with the Bolt 2 can hold the extra 12 blades that come in the box. You should think about ordering extra blades, especially if you are planning to use the knife a lot. Overall, the Bolt 2 is a good back up knife, but it can be broken easily because the plastic is not thick and the blades are very thin.

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