Ganzo G7413-WS G10.

In-Depth Review of Ganzo G7413-WS G10

For knife collectors and aficionados that are looking for the best Ganzo product, the Ganzo G7413-WS G10 would be one of the top choices. A lot of users have realized the quality of the knife and the amazing functionality that makes it one of the premium items. In this article, we will go through the various features of the knife and analyze the things that make it a great folder.

Analyzing the Features of Ganzo G7413-WS G10

The Ganzo G7413-WS G10 is a folder designed by Ganzo that is quite popular to people who are looking for a compact, neat and practical design. It has a total length of 19.5cm, but despite of that, the unfolded blade will appear to be relatively small. This is due to the concise and thoughtful layout of the knife.

The blade is made up of fine quality of materials such as the 440С, which is known as excellent manufacturing steel. It is a stainless steel with an elevated level of carbon (1.2%) which grants it unparalleled hardness and sharpness. It requires minimal maintenance in order to keep the blade sharp. Regular wiping of the blade with polish should be just enough to maintain the clarity of the blade. Sharpening the blade is also pretty direct and simple. The polish of the blade is almost mirror-quality and gives an incredible shine when you place it direct on the sun. Ganzo G7413-WS G10 is available in 3 varieties; orange, green and the black.

The section of the handle which is close to the blade of the knife is also crafted using metal. It is made from G10 which is composite fiberglass that is known for its durability and strength. It also has a high resistance against negative reactions on external factors. In fact, the company is very confident about its level of resistance that they decided not to include a protective case. But for those who want to include a case, a separate enclosure is available in the market. Coating of the handle provides an additional tactical value since it does not produce a glare when exposed to the sun.

The size of the blade is approximately 8 cm. with a thickness of only 0.3 cm. The thickness and the length of the blade make it very compact and lightweight weighing only 150 grams. But despite of that, the materials used are excellent. The company made sure that they will not compromise the quality of the blade. Furthermore, it is more affordable compared to the other premium folders in the market. Its functionality, design, and durability make it an ideal use for nature trips. Aside from that, the company is also proving a 1-year warranty period from its date of purchase.

Those who are looking for quality folding knife but have a limited budget will definitely appreciate the Ganzo G7413-WS G10. The design is sleek and neat, and the knife itself comes with all the fundamental qualities that you are looking for on a folding knife.

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