Alcas Cutlery Knife Company.

The Alcas Cutlery Knife Company

Cutco Corporation was earlier known as Alcas Corporation. It is the parent/root company of CUTCO Cutlery Corporation, but it is primarily named as CUTCO.

Early beginning of Alcas Knife Company

The company was introduced in the year 1948 as a new product for the Wear- Ever Aluminum. The name of the company was derived from Cooking Utensils Company, i.e. CUTCO.

In 1996, CUTCO established Cutco foundation in order to contribute to the communities through which Cutco gains greater presence in the market. The foundation has really donated to the annual sale competition for the college students. CUTCO foundation is specifically active near to the home area of New York.

Products of Alcas Cutlery

Cutco is nothing but the brand of cutlery as well as kitchen accessories who directly marketed to the customers via in-home distributions through independent sales representatives mostly amongst the college students. There are more than 100 kitchen cutlery items are usually sold under the brand name Cutco and also a number of kitchen utensils, outdoor knives, sporting knives as well as cookware.

Albeit these products are not purchased in the retail stores, but Alcas Cutlery has opened 6 retail stores in various countries. The most important thing is, Alcas Cutlery Company knives are manufactured in New York, Olean, United States; whereas other products are manufactured in China and Mexico.

CUTCO is considered to be largest marketer as well as manufacturer of high quality kitchen items and similar such accessories in Canada and US. This corporate family comprises of Alcas Corp and the parent company CUTCO Cutlery Corp and vector marketing group.

Vector marketing

Vector marketing is nothing but multilevel marketing which builds its workforce through advertising via newspapers or word-of-mouth, direct marketing, letters, media on internet and posted advertisements. A number of college students are hired to sell Cutco products (particularly kitchen knives) to the interested customers and branching them through recommendations and also through one-to-one demonstrations. Vector marketing is necessary to display sample kit representatives that were issues in the past. This was completely changed in 2011 and no deposits were no longer required from the representatives.

In 2001, CUTCO opens a visitor’s center next to the corporate headquarters. In the year 2005, the company unveils its online Gift Registry. Later in 2009, Alcas Corporation was changed to

CUTCO Corporation on the mark of its 60th anniversary.