Benchmade Knives Co.

Benchmade Knives – The finest knife manufacturers of America

In the knife manufacturing industry, Benchmade knives have set themselves apart and ahead from the other knife makers because of its quality materials, their manufacturing process and patented mechanisms. They are not only different in an innovative manner, but they continually strive hard to be better. It’s believed that when a customer chooses to buy Benchmade Knives, they choose because they need the best.

Benchmade knives are the America’s foremost producers of high tech pocket and combat knives. They have led their way in the way of designing and marketing of easy to use products. Benchmade knife models can be quickly opened as well as closed using one hand.

When you come across iconic butterfly logo on the Benchmade Knife Company blades, you can know what to expect exactly like integrity, innovation and quality. Since the inception of the company in 1990 in Oregon, it has made itself apart from other non-traditional materials as well as latest manufacturing methods to build best Benchmade knives in the market.

Benchmade knives – Owns the most prestigious award in Knife industry

The knives consistently take the most prestigious awards within the knife industry. The quality of these knifes have built reputation in the industry. Still, the admirable feature of Benchmade knives is, it strive shard enough to be much better and never lean on its past achievements. In fact, the company has collaborated with a number of custom knife makers in the industry since its inception.

Products of Benchmade knives

Benchmade knives gain huge amount of revenue from selling the restricted knives to law enforcement and military. It produces a huge selection if “switchblade knives “and “auto knives” for hunting, fishing, miscellaneous knives and utility. Anyways, balisongs remain a core product.

Benchmade knives are available in three different categories. They are

Blue class

Blue class knives are also called recreation class knives. This type of knife is typically used for daily purpose.

Black Class

It is also called professional class knives and used for public safety workers, law enforcement and military. They are designed for more challenging task.

Gold class

It is also called as collector class knives. It is mainly designed for collectors and is available in limited edition.

Benchmade has a patent on locking mechanism and it is used in almost all the switch blades they produce. They hold additional license as well.