Leatherman Knife Tools.

Leather Man Past and Present

Leatherman, a knife and multi-tools brand, is owned and supervised by the company Leatherman Tool Group of Portland that is based in Portland in Oregon, United States. The brand came into being in 1983 to make and market easily portable, solid hand tools with varied functions. The Leatherman tools come with fantastic knowledge and creativity, and allow customers to be prepared for any situation that life throws at them.

History of Leatherman – Over the Years

The Leatherman Tool Group was developed in 1983 by Timothy Leatherman, and Steve Berliner, his business partner. A mechanical engineering pass-out from the Oregon State University, Leatherman designed a sharp tool that was kind of a knife for Boy Scouts with pliers. After extra refinement, the first survival tool, PST, came out from Leatherman in 1983. At the beginning, this was sold through the mail-order catalogs of Early Winters and Cabela.

In 1984, he sold almost thirty thousand tools. This inspired him to develop his products even more and helped improve his manufacturing capacity and company growth. By 2001-end, the brand enjoyed 100 million USD-worth sales every year and its tools sold over 20 million units. In 2005, the Leatherman product line witnessed the introduction of folding knives.

2007 saw the agency opening its first ever retail store, situated at its factory. Since then, it has shifted to a retail shop at the shopping center at the Cascades MAX Station located in the northeastern part of Portland and the Cascade Station close to the facility. The same year saw the Blade magazine recognizing the impact of the design of Tim Leatherman in the history of cutlery industry.

In 2011, LED Lenser, the German light maker, was acquired by Leatherman. As of Feb 2011, the brand produced 50 items that were sold in 82 nations. The market share in the U.S was figured out to be at 55%.

The Present Status of the Company

At present, Leatherman is into the manufacturing of a multi-tools line that is specifically designed for law enforcement and military personnel, along with accessories for supporting and extending the capability of its instruments. The brand Leatherman and its companies are separately run, under the umbrella Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Around 10% of the Leatherman manufacturing facility zone is involved with the rebuilding and repairing of any tool that requires it – either sent from global distributors or domestically. The system of Leatherman is to have any sent in tool replaced and returned with a similar product.