Rike 1507 Folding.

Does it really matter what the name of a knife is? Are we to be automatically impressed if the knife bears a strong brand name? Are we to discount a blade blade because the name has little or no recognition? I guess it makes sense to be cautious when thinking about buying little known name … [Read more…]

Zero Tolerance 0450.

Zero Tolerance and Kershaw knives are both members of the Kai group of companies, known world wide for amazing Japanese knife technology. Zero Tolerance is basically the more expensive brand of the two, however much changes quickly in the world of business, and Zero Tolerance is sort of coming into it’s own, and behaving like … [Read more…]

Chris Reeve Sabenza 21.

South Africa is without a doubt, a great place for quality blades. Chris Reeve Knives was started up back in calendar year 1984 on new years day. Durban South Africa was the location and the original offices were located in a simple garage. Today the company is all about full time knife making, and with … [Read more…]

Kershaw Leek Folding.

If your knife was borrowed by some one you care about, and trust, but was never returned to you, chances are it was a Kershaw. The product has a reputation for lasting it’s customers a lifetime or longer. With tactical knives, survival knives, work knives, and pocket knives, Kershaw products make everything easier, and all … [Read more…]

Benchmade Griptilian.

One of the very best knife manufacturers in the USA, and in the world, would be Benchmade. The Benchmade company has over 20 solid and successful years of producing excellent knives, and the never stop impressing both their customers, and their honest competition. With a true passion for the art of knife production, there is … [Read more…]