Pro-Tech Knives Co.

Pro-Tech Knives A Short History

Pro-Tech Knives is owned by a family having more than 45 years of experience in the retail cutlery industry. The company has a long history of excelling in sales and customer service, and the knife manufacturer has been developed on the foundation.

Pro-Tech Knives History

A family owned business, Pro-Tech Knives has been creating US-made knives for more than 17 years now. This knife company has been making superior knives since the year 1999. Every Pro-Tech knife happens to be a combination of commitment to workmanship and the finest materials that are available.

The knife-maker is located in California in the Santa Fe Springs area, which is popular for the manufacturing of automatic knives. The company was established by Dave Wattenberg in 2001. Every year, around 12,000 knives are produced by the company. The Runt J4, the Godfather and the Godson are some of its most popular models. The brand has designed a number of models for various police departments and the U.S Military, including the US Marshall’s Service and the secret service. It has partnered on various designs with popular knife manufacturers, such as Allen Elishewitz, Ernest Emerson and Walter Brend.

The brand creates knives with state of the art manufacturing processes, such as Laser Cutting, Wire EDM and CNC Machining. It assembles and hand-fits advanced components in its facility at Artesia, California with caring and dedicated craftsmen. The company makes knives in small batches, so that each knife can be hand finished and fitted to a type of level that is seen rarely in factory-produced knives.

Pro-Tech Knives: The Present

Pro-Tech makes knives in small batches, and are hand-fit and finished individually, so that every knife is better than factory-grade and are of heirloom standard. The collection of knives is constantly changing. There are Damascus blade options, inlay materials, collaboration partners and fresh variations in classical designs.

Every knife from the brand is a combination of materials of the finest quality, and reflects the commitment of the company to workmanship. The knives are produced with the most advanced process of manufacture including Laser Cutting, Wire EDM and CNC Machining. The advanced components are hand fit and set up by caring and dedicated artisans in the factory.

The automatic knives come with the best functionality, value and design for any knife available for sale today on the market. The customized automatic knives are amazing artistic objects. The limited-edition and customized knives can be used as showpieces.