Puma Knife Company.

Puma Knife Co. Past and Present

Puma Knife Co. is a company based in Kansas, United States. The company claims to make the best quality knife blades on Earth. It uses 440C steel in their blades, making their very hard and durable in construction. Its knives are extensively tested for quality before putting them up for sale. The brand is also reputed for being attentive to the finer details while creating pocketknives and hunting knives, and ensuring that the tools can last for many years.

History of Puma Knife Co

It is the leading maker of the world of knives for gentle men, hunting and sporting since 1769. For more than 200 years, the company has been setting standards for hunting knives. In 1769, the PUMA trademark was registered in Solingen with the Knifemaker’s Guild by Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung. Puma started from a tiny shop along the Wupper river.

In 1855 Johann’s great grandson, Nathaniel, moved the operations of PUMA to Solingen. In 1876, hunting knives, sabers, stilettos and pocketknives are introduced by Otto Lauterjung, the son of Nathaniel.

In 1920, Franz and Eugen, the sons of Otto, created another plant in Solingen and then created the export market. At this time, the brand earned recognition on the global market. The production of Puma began to be supervised in 1936-1945 by the War Production board.

1945 saw a return of the brand to the civilian production of household and pocket knives. The year 1953 saw Ludwigsdorf and Oswald von Frankenberg increasing the focus of the agency on outdoor knives, hunting and fishing. Many classics from the Puma brand, such as Saufeder, Waidmesser, Jagdnicker and Waidbesteck were created during this time in collaboration with Walter Frevert, the popular German arboriculturist.

1956 saw the White Hunter knife being created along with the Professional Hunter’s Association from East Africa. In 1964, the military series was brought in. 1965 saw date codes being introduced on the knives, suggesting the date of creation of every knife. In 1967, PUMA had its general manager in Renate von Frankenberg.

2 years later, a major part of the Puma factory was engulfed by fire, leading to a loss of numerous old tools and records. 1986 saw the demise of both Ludwigsdorf and Oswald von Frankenberg. 5 years later, in 1991, the company was sold off to the Hindrichs family based in Solingen.

Puma Knife Co: The Present

In 1995, PUMA appointed Harald Lauer as a Managing Director. Since the late 70s, Puma witnessed a lot of growth under the leadership of Harald. He brought in laser technology, CNC controllers and various other latest methods of production. Since 1998, it is under Heiner Hiepass-Aryus.