Queen Cutlery Company.

Queen Cutlery History and Present Status

Queen Cutlery is a famous manufacturer of well-crafted pocketknives. This American knife company is a very old and reliable firm that is known for the production of fixed and folding blade knives with slightly traditional patterns. The company has skilled craftsmen who handcraft each knife from the factory. Although this means low production and higher costs, the end results are aesthetic and amazing. It is not for nothing that Queen Cutlery has won many awards for its creations.

Queen Cutlery: History

Queen Cutlery started off from the Schatt and Morgan Cutlery Company, established in 1890 in Gowanda, NY and shifted in 1895 to Titusville. It still conducts its operations from the original Schatt and Morgan factory, and much of the intricate activities and processes of Schatt and Morgan are being handled still by Queen. Harry L Matthews (1897-1967), Jesse F. Barker (1895-1970), E. Clarence Erickson (1897-1961), Geza Revitzky (1880-1979) and Frank Foresther (1883-1939) were the 5 men who established the company.

By 1903, about 40,000 dozen knives were manufactured in Titusville by Schatt & Morgan. By 1907, the company witnessed its facility grow twice bigger in size. The growth of the brand was impacted by World War I due to curtailing of materials for the war as well as skilled workers being in short supply.

In 1918, the influenza epidemic significantly affected the Titusville facility. By 1922, the company fired as many as 5 skilled employees. Consequently, the work force of Schatt & Morgan reduced by around 30% due to firing of the department heads. By 2005, Bob Breton, one of the founder members of Queen City Cutlery, was the president of the company.

Queen Cutlery: Present Status

Many of the latest models from the brand come with D-2 tool steel, which cannot be seen frequently in knives of such styles. The factory of Queen Cutlery stands in Titusville, PA, which is around 2 hours away to the northeast of Pittsburgh. The production is conducted in the factory at Titusville, while most of the other activities such as customer services, sales and accounting are taken care of in Franklinville in New York. This is exact spot where the sister company of Queen Cutlery, Ontario Knife Company, stands on.

The desire of Queen to make experiments and push the boundaries of cutlery steel production was evidenced in 1999 when the company started using ATS-34 steel on its master blades and using 420HC and D-2 steel in 2002 for blades.