Sarge International, LLC.

Sarge-Knives-Store A Brief Background

Sarge International, LLC is a company that is family owned, and specializes in the production of superior knives for various activities as well as lights and multi-tools. The business conducts its activities from Greer, South Carolina. It is one of the companies that are experiencing the quickest growth in the industry. The brand has built up a reputation of supplying quality items at an affordable cost. The knives from the store come with a warranty of a lifetime.


The company was established with the aim to provide customers with the best knives. The store specializes in the sales of knives, tactical lights and multi-utility tools. Many of the items from the brand are designed to satisfy the requirements of various people, such as Multi-utility Knives, Lockbacks, Pocket Knives and Tactical Knives.

The Sarge Knives come with a sharp edge. The use of superior 440C or 440A steel in the blades keep them sharp even after being used for many years. The pocket knives and foldable knives come with bone or wooden handles. The fixed blade knives come with handle made of resin or some other material to ensure wonderful force in strike and a comfortable grip.

The knives from the brand are not simply for cutting. These can also be used to etch, carve, cleave, skin or carry out any type of complicated work. These can be presented to friends and dear ones, or passed down to family members. These come with amazing aesthetic value and the design can be cherished by recipients.

Present Status

At present, Sarge International is enjoying huge growth. There are Boy Scout knives, pocket knives and various other classic knives and tools from the brand. The brand is concentrating on aesthetically attractive knives, and many of its creations come with fine wooden artwork and inlay handles. Customers can get their knives personalized and customized from the store completely free of cost, and some limited promotional items can be engraved with laser.

The present creations from the store come with warranties against material or workmanship defects for a lifetime. There are fixed as well flexible assisted knives. However, the warranties do not cover attempted repair, normal wear, disassembly of parts, improper maintenance, abuse, damages resulting from normal wear, damages to rubber grips etc. Generally, each knife that comes from the brand is of high quality and built to last. Naturally, there are no risks of getting the knives broken or damaged very soon.