Shepherd Hills Cutlery.

Shepherd Hills A Short Background

Shepherd Hills Cutlery is reputed for its Case XX pocketknives that are made in America. The Case XX knife series is a large collection and consists of Antique Bone Kneeling Cross, The Boy Scouts of America and Civil War Series knives. These also come with a wide range of Wusthof kitchen cutlery items, Buck knives and Swiss Army knives. The brand is a long-timer in the knife sales industry.

Shepherd Hills Cutlery – Background

Shepherd Hills Cutlery has been in operations since the year 1972. 45 years on, it is the biggest dealer of Case XX Collectible Knives in the world. The business is a unique name in the world of cutlery items. It started off as a retail store that sells wooden bowls. Since then, it has expanded its line into high quality knives. The business has a one of a kind approach, and it is known for offering superlative treatment to consumers. It sells knives from various retail locations and celebrates knives in public in one of the biggest non-knife shows organized every year.

The business also boasts of its own Shepherd Hills Cutlery Collectors Club, having a full line of special factory-grade knives from W.R. Case & Sons and various other companies. The collection of Shepherd Hills Cutlery competes with those of some of the most well known businesses.

The company started with a 5-blade stag peanut in 1996. Its capacity to develop Case knives in varying versions has especially helped it become the biggest collectible knife dealer across the globe.

Shepherd Hills Cutlery: The Present

Today, the company has as many as 4 retail stores, which include stores in Missouri, Lebanon and Kentucky. The flagship store of Shepherd Hills Cutlery stands in Missouri. The catalog sales center is there in Lebanon. The official website of the company helps customers to see the wide variety of Case XX cutlery items from the business.

The company offers superior items at low rates, backed by unmatchable customer service. This is the biggest source for Case knives. Known for Case XX pocketknives made in America, Shepherd Hills Cutlery has become popular among buyers across the world that keep looking for high quality knives of factory grade. The online store offers promo codes or discount codes to buyers at periodic intervals, which can be redeemed at the checkout page in order to avail significant discounts of 40% or more on the knives purchased from Shepherd Hills Cutlery.