Strider Knives Company.

Strider Knives History and Present

Strider Knives, Inc. is a facility that produces and offers custom knives, and it is supervised by Duane Dwyer and Mick Strider, based in San Marcos, California. The company is solely dedicated to the research and developing of sharp edged tools for the harshest environments. This is a US company established and run by ex- military personnel. The company was set up in order to develop a superior and affordable field service knife for average buyers.


Strider Knives, Inc. is privately owned and supervised. Strider Knives does not spare any expense while designing and making items. It uses the latest technology and the finest materials and sets the pace when it comes to ensuring durability, geometry and function. The company makes amazing tactical knives. Whether you want to get a prized piece or a wonderful tactical folder, this is the brand that you would love to opt for.

The founders of Strider Knives founders have a military background, which makes them capable of assessing the needs in varied fields, which range from commercial diving to hunting to law enforcement to special operations. A number of Strider designs have been able to satisfy the needs in such domains.

As a company, the first project of Strider Knives was to supply the BG and WB models to the Naval Special Warfare Group 1 in 1994. At present, the company makes varied models especially for the US Military units to combat global terror operatives.

The company has partnered with companies like Kershaw Knives, Unertl Optical Company, Inc., SureFire Flashlights and Buck Knives. It has developed knives of various designs and has even mass-produced them to ensure complete satisfaction for average buyers, avid knife buyers and military personnel.


Strider Knives has created many state of the versions of the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, the USMC Fighting Utility Knife, the SOG Knife, the Marine Raider Stiletto, the V-42 Stiletto and various other classic military designs. Such versions come with a similar profile as the original versions, but their designs come with modern materials and steel.

The company has also designed a latest bayonet that it wants to sell to the US military force. The CPM S30V blade comes with a tang that extends the whole way to the latch plate and ensures higher strength. The bayonet has been designed by Strider for Zero Tolerance Knives, and it will be launched as the ZT Bayonet D9.