Todd Begg Mini Bodega.

Todd Begg’s fascination with good knives began when he was a youngster doing his fishing, hunting, and basically learning to live at the outdoors. When he was older, and spent some time in the military, Todd’s appreciation for a fine blade grew even more; as he was using his knife day after day. With a background as a machinist there in the Seattle Washington area, Todd has ideas of fabricating knives.

Mr. Begg’s goal each day is to manufacture fine looking, very functional, and unique  knives for his customers. He admits to being a perfectionist regarding the finish, function, and form of his knives so that his customers might someday give the knives to their grandchildren. The knives are to have no tool markings at all, be fabricated with ultimate precision, and to be an item that will last for generations. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity. If less customers is what it takes to satisfy the customer, then so be it. Quality is number one.

Every knife that bears Todd Begg’s name comes with a warranty that covers workmanship, materials, construction, and repair. Ant item show to be in the least bit defective, will be taken care of free of charge. The warranty does not cover the item being lost, stolen, misused, neglected, wrongly sharpened, disassembled, or abused. These knives are not to be used for prying. Please use a pry bar. or another appropriate tool for jobs not related to cutting.

Todd Begg Mini Bodega

Mr. Todd Begg seems to have very much accomplished his goals with this great intentionally downside blade. The Mini Bodega is truly a work of art as well as exceptional craftsmanship. The overall objective was to offer a scaled down model of Todd’s original Bodega. With the original Bodega having reached the rank of iconoclastic blade, it only made sense to offer a smaller, more convenient model to his customers. However the question really is always the same. Will a reduction in size properly translate, or will there be a corresponding loss in quality and overall integrity of the product?

Well i am happy to say that the Mini Bodega flipper is now available, and it does not disappoint. Begg knives are well known for fitness and finish, and even though Begg used Reate Knives for the production of this awesome product, the quality and reliability of the item remains intact. This has resulted in the ability to produce larger quantities of the Mini Bodega than was originally thought possible, and therefore more customers can experience the luxury of owning such a great product. With a blade that is CPM-S35VN steel, and a 6A14 titanium handle, this flipper is a must own.

Go online today, and check it out. It will surely be worth your time.